Page 751 - Week 03 - Tuesday, 8 April 2014

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MADAM SPEAKER: The Minister for Racing and Gaming.

Mr Barr: Madam Speaker, I am not the Minister for Racing and Gaming. However, I do have responsibility for the ACTTAB sale.

MADAM SPEAKER: In your capacity as Treasurer?

Mr Barr: Yes, that is correct, Madam Speaker.

Mr Smyth: Point of order, Madam Speaker.

MADAM SPEAKER: Mr Smyth on a point of order.

Mr Smyth: I do not believe that under the AAs the minister is responsible for ACTTAB. I know that he is responsible for the sale, but this is about ACTTAB itself and what happens to the staff.

MADAM SPEAKER: I think it is up to the ministers to decide who is the most appropriate person to answer the question. There is no point of order.

MR BARR: I can advise the Assembly that there have been I think more than a dozen communications, consultations and meetings held since the announcement of the sale that commenced back in September of last year. The ACTTAB CEO and the USU undertook a joint address to staff in October. The government met with the USU about the future of ACTTAB on 22 October. Then there was a follow up meeting on 30 October. On 1 November the project team chair was in contact with the USU confirming the engagement of an independent consultant to provide assistance to staff and that the union would be consulted before ACTTAB finalised the tender of that particular piece of work.

On 6 November the ACTTAB CEO sent an email to staff and the USU about the proposal to engage a consultant to provide employee assistance in relation to change management. The USU expressed support for consultants selected to assist staff on 9 November 2013. On 20 November 2013, the ACTTAB CEO sent an email to staff and the USU indicating that the ACTTAB sale resolution had passed the Assembly and urged staff to participate in the staff aspirations survey, a process that is being undertaken through this period.

There was then follow up communication between the ACTTAB CEO, staff and the USU concerning the sale and disclosure information on 4 December, 12 December and 18 December 2013. On the 18th, the project team chair emailed the USU to confirm the government’s sale objectives and that the prospective bidders would be asked to provide their best offering in meeting these objectives to support existing staff and the racing industry.

Further updates were provided to staff on 14 January, 28 January and 31 January 2014. On 4 February there was an email received by the ACTTAB CEO from the union expressing appreciation for being included in the information updates

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