Page 4407 - Week 14 - Thursday, 28 November 2013

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Draft report

247 It shall be the duty of the Chair of every committee to prepare a draft report. Copies shall be circulated in advance to each Member of the committee.

Presentation of the draft report to the Committee

248 At a meeting convened for the purpose, the Chair shall submit the draft report which may be considered at once.

Alternative draft report

249 If any Member, other than the Chair, submits a draft report to the committee, the committee shall first decide upon which report it will consider.

Consideration of the report chosen by the Committee

249A The report shall be considered paragraph by paragraph or, by leave, paragraphs may be considered together. Appendices shall be considered in order at the conclusion of the consideration of the report itself. The Chair shall propose the question ‘That the paragraph(s) or appendix be agreed to’ and a Member objecting to any portion of the report may vote against it or move an amendment at the time the paragraph or appendix to be amended is under consideration.

Reconsideration of draft report

250 After the draft report has been considered, the whole or any paragraph may be reconsidered and amended.

Final consideration of the draft report

250A At the conclusion of the consideration and any reconsideration of the draft report selected by the committee the Chair shall move ‘That the report as amended be agreed to’.

Unable to agree on a report

250B If the committee is unable to agree upon a report, the Chair of the committee must present a statement to that effect, with just the minutes and transcripts of evidence.

Dissenting report

251 If any Member dissents from part or all of the draft report under consideration, that Member may present a dissenting report or additional comments which shall be added to the report agreed to by the committee.

Signing of report

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