Page 4328 - Week 14 - Wednesday, 27 November 2013

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DR BOURKE (Ginninderra) (4.46): We have had a very interesting speech from Dr Doszpot. Clearly he is confused. He does not know whether he should be supporting his city or his party. He has got form on this. During the election campaign last year, he was busy running around town telling parents of children in private schools that they should be scared of the Gonski bogeyman who is going to come and take their money away. Well, that did not happen. What happened was that Catholic and independent school systems are wholeheartedly behind these Gonski reforms and they are shocked and appalled by the latest developments of Mr Pyne to slash—

Mr Doszpot: On a point of order, Mr Assistant Speaker, I bring your attention to relevance.

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: I think Dr Bourke is referring to your speech, Mr Doszpot.

Mr Doszpot: He is referring to something I did not touch on.

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: Dr Bourke, will you remain relevant to the debate.

DR BOURKE: On the point of order, Mr Assistant Speaker, I am referring to Mr Doszpot’s form on this and trying to draw members’ attention to the historic inconsistencies Mr Doszpot has in putting his city or his party first.


DR BOURKE: Thank you, Mr Assistant Speaker. I repeat what the Canberra Times said today that Mr Pyne is now refusing to repeat his pre-election assurances that you can vote Liberal or Labor and you will get exactly the same amount of funding for your school. Another broken promise. The kind of broken promise where we have seen the NBN pipeline to Bruce, where the University of Canberra is placed, cut off. So, does Mr Doszpot want this project for our community or not? He seems confused. He seems to want to concur with a federal government ripping funding out of our community. He wants to concur with that. And then he confused his metaphors, wanting to use berley to prop up an argument. I think you need to go and do a bit more fishing, Mr Doszpot, and you might understand that berley is something you throw out to attract fish, not to prop things up.

Then he launched off into some obscure discussion about what the former Prime Minister was doing in Rooty Hill. That is not in Canberra. Rooty Hill, the last time I looked in an atlas, was up in Sydney. It is up in Sydney, Mr Doszpot; not here in Canberra. What we have here is a great deal of confusion on Mr Doszpot’s part. He is not sure what jurisdiction he is in. He does not know the name of the city that he is in, and now he does not know what to support. Does he support the federal government ripping money out of our community or does he support his city and get behind this motion to tell his federal colleagues that we need this funding for the UC sports commons hub? Or does he just want to be an apologist for the Abbott government?

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