Page 3381 - Week 11 - Wednesday, 18 September 2013

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MR HANSON: No? I certainly do not remember something like that. If we had tried to move something in this place calling on the Chief Minister to write condemning the Prime Minister, those opposite would have rightly dismissed that as just playing politics, because that is what it would have been.

Then we saw Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard collectively cutting thousands of public sector jobs. Don’t take our figures for that; listen to the affiliated union, the CPSU. They will tell you that there were thousands of jobs being cut. Does anybody recall—Mr Assistant Speaker, you might be able to help me, or those opposite might be able to table it—a statement from the Chief Minister condemning the Prime Minister? Does anyone remember that? No. I do not. So it is nonsense. This is a nonsense amendment. It is a high political amendment.

What has happened here is that in this place we were at a point in this debate where we had bipartisan support for Mr Gentleman’s motion; we had bipartisan support for NICTA. Now Ms Burch has come trampling down here, trying to get her political point scoring, and has taken this out of the bipartisan realm and put it into the abjectly political realm. I do not know whether to be disappointed, slightly amused—

Mr Smyth: Bemused.

MR HANSON: Probably more than bemused. What we are seeing here is now an attempt for—for what I do not know. Those opposite seem to want to find who is going to be their person to attack the opposition. Who is going to lead the charge attacking us? We have seen Dr Bourke have a go, haven’t we? The problem is that that has not worked. We have seen Mr Gentleman try it as well, and we have seen that come crashing down. Now Ms Burch has been given the job, and she has just botched this as well. We saw her with her snide little comments during question time as well.

Members interjecting—

MR HANSON: I would suggest to the minister, through you, Mr Assistant Speaker, that she is far better when she reads the speeches that have been prepared for her by her department and by her advisers. I suggest to the minister that when she does strike—

Ms Burch interjecting—

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: Mr Hanson, take a seat. Ms Burch, you are warned as of now.

Ms Burch: Can I just, by way of explanation, say that I responded to an interjection from Mr Coe.


Ms Burch: If you are going to discipline me, I ask that you also apply the same to Mr Coe.

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