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by/through the charge spot. To determine how much electricity is used, their contractor installed a sub-meter on the circuit supplying power to the charge spot. This sub-meter is a brand and model of meter certified for use by the National Measurement Institute in the NEM (National Electricity Market). The meter will be sealed with a tamper-evident seal, will have its remote configuration function disabled, and its LCD display will show the accumulated electricity consumption of the charge spot at all times.

(d) Installation occurred in September 2012 and is an ongoing project.

(e) Better Place has advised that the charge spot has not been utilised to date.

(3) The Better Place program has not been adopted as an ongoing program at the CRVC. In late January, Better Place announced an orderly wind-down of operations in Australia. Since that time Better Place has continued to run and monitor the network as per normal operations.

The CRVC has been advised by Better Place that on Wednesday 26th June 2013, Better Place Australia will be shutting down its network operations in Australia and ceasing ongoing support to charge spots.

The charge spot is able to continue to function in standalone mode without the need for Better Place systems to support it. The CRVC will assess the cost of maintaining the charge spot without Better Place support before making a decision as to whether to continue to provide the service.

Cotter Dam—cost
(Question No 132)

Mr Coe asked the Treasurer, upon notice, on 6 June 2013:

(1) What is the forecast construction cost of the Enlarged Cotter Dam (ECD), including the breakdown of the (a) Actual Outturn Cost (AOC), (b) Target Outturn Cost (TOC), (c) Gainshare/Painshare amounts and (d) other costs (itemised in detail).

(2) For the amount referred to in part (1) (c), will the Minister provide the basis of calculation including details of the Quality Pool, Modifiers, KPI and KRA scores (as referred to in Tables 9-3 and 9-4 of the Target Outturn Cost (TOC) Report, Final Issue dated 4 August 2009).

(3) What scope changes have taken place and what are the associated costs for the ECD.

(4) Will the Minister provide a reconciliation and breakdown of actual costs against items in the TOC.

(5) What are the cost savings resulting from the actual excavation being not as deep as advised by ACTEW Managing Director Mark Sullivan in the media (ABC 666 and Canberra Times) on 3 September 2009.

(6) Does section 3.2 of the Target Outturn Cost (TOC) report [Reference 1] record the following 'Risk Issue' [Item No. ECD-0003]: 'Provision for escalations in price is so large it makes the TOC price unacceptable to client' and does the letter from ACTEW

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