Page 2306 - Week 08 - Wednesday, 5 June 2013

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Then we hear the dialogue about honesty. The actual gall of the Canberra Liberals to lecture this government on honesty—the architects of the single biggest untruth, or mistruth or lie, that was ever perpetrated in an election campaign. The architect is leaving the building. Actually, he has left the building. He is no longer here to support that lie that he led. And you have the gall to lecture us about truth and honesty.

Mr Hanson interjecting—

MS GALLAGHER: The budget presents you with that modelling, Mr Hanson. You fail to understand it, from what I can understand. Then this morning we have, “Well, actually, maybe it is tripling your rates over 11 years or maybe it is 12 years.” That was not a big part of your election narrative last year, was it? I remember going to candidate meetings and having Liberal candidates saying, “Your rates will triple in the next few years.” Is that 11 years or is it 12 years? Is it one electoral term or is it three electoral terms? Do not come in here and lecture us about honesty.

Mr Hanson interjecting—

MS GALLAGHER: Mr Hanson has had his opportunity, Mr Assistant Speaker, to present his arguments.

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER (Mr Doszpot): Mr Hanson—

Dr Bourke: On a point of order, Mr Assistant Speaker, the Leader of the Opposition is waving props around. I know that parliamentary practice prohibits that. Could you do something about it, please?

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: Mr Hanson, could you please refrain from waving any props? Thank you.

Mr Hanson: I have a number of documents, Mr Assistant Speaker. I am not sure they would qualify as props, but I am happy to put them away.

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr Hanson. Ms Gallagher.

MS GALLAGHER: We had Liberal candidates attending meetings and running the line, when it suited them, that under a Labor-Green government, rates would triple in the next few years. That was the line constantly in the election campaign.

Mr Smyth interjecting—

MS GALLAGHER: It was, Mr Smyth. I attended those meetings. We have got the letters that were circulated—“in the next few years”, and candidates stuck to that line.

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: Ms Gallagher, could you just resume your seat for a second. We have given a fair bit of leeway, but let us adhere to the rules from now on. Mr Smyth and Mr Hanson, could I ask you to listen to the current speaker. Ms Gallagher.

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