Page 1778 - Week 06 - Wednesday, 8 May 2013

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Mr Hanson: I do have a point of order; it is on relevance. I am just not sure about comments about the AHA and the sort of stuff that—

Mr Barr interjecting—

Mr Hanson: I am just not sure that it is really relevant to the debate. I ask you to bring it back to the focus of the motion rather than the tangent that she is going on, fascinating as it is.

Mr Corbell: On the point of order.

MADAM DEPUTY SPEAKER: On the point of order, Mr Corbell.

Mr Corbell: If you were to rule that Ms Burch is not being relevant, does that mean that Mr Seselja is no longer relevant?

Mr Hanson: Madam Deputy Speaker, I think there is an important point to make here. I have raised a serious point of order—

MADAM DEPUTY SPEAKER: Is this on the point of order?

Mr Hanson: It is on the point of order. The members opposite think it is a big joke. They are saying, “Oh, Mr Seselja, apparently you’re not relevant.” It is a serious point of order. I ask you to bring them to order, as you would if the shoe was on the other foot, and rule on the point of order rather than accepting this nonsense from the other side.

MADAM DEPUTY SPEAKER: Mr Hanson, thank you for your advice, which I actually do not need, about the members opposite on my right. I have asked them to remain silent on numbers of occasions—as I have you. Ms Burch, please remain relevant to the motion that you have before you. You can continue.

MS BURCH: Thank you, Madam Deputy Speaker. The motion is about a call to Mr Abbott around supporting jobs here in Canberra. I think all representatives here and at a federal level should have this in mind; hence I think the comments about Mr Seselja are relevant. But I will move on.

I remind people that in this place we accepted that Mr Seselja has abandoned the folk of Brindabella and does not provide good representation. A notice signed by Mrs Dunne herself, as Speaker, goes to a past motion in this place, saying that the Assembly notes that:

... the people of Lanyon Valley have a reasonable expectation that those elected to represent them will stay the course for their term ...

Mr Hanson: Madam Deputy Speaker—

MADAM DEPUTY SPEAKER: Resume your seat, Ms Burch. Stop the clock, please.

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