Page 1745 - Week 06 - Wednesday, 8 May 2013

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The worst aspect of the current parking situation at the Erindale centre is that it is not due to the lack of land or even a lack of will. The government itself acknowledges that there are challenges faced currently by users of the Erindale precinct. However, they stop short when it comes to solutions. I do today welcome Mr Rattenbury’s amendments that will ensure that the needs of the Capital Edge Community Church are addressed.

While a master plan for the Erindale group centre is finally on the table, providing a long-term plan for the Erindale precinct, it is important to remember that even if the plan is fully realised, this will not happen until 2032. The government are all too quick to point out the master plan will solve many of the problems at Erindale. They are all too quick to claim they have a vision. However, this master plan is currently a plan of inaction.

The real question is: what will be done and what can be done in the short term? After 11 years in government, ACT Labor have no immediate solution for parking congestion. In fact, if the master plan is implemented, there are no guarantees that the situation will improve even if the entire master plan is implemented ahead of the 20-year time frame. In fact, in the time it took the ACT Labor-led government to develop the two draft master plans preceding the current version, more resources could have been better directed toward solving some of the immediate problems.

The frustration for users of the centre is that there is actually ample land available in the area which could be utilised not only by churchgoers but by anyone using the group centre. Use of this land as overflow car parking would alleviate some of the congestion experienced currently at the centre. However, this does not seem to be a priority.

Options must be investigated to alleviate the issues faced by those wanting to use the Erindale group centre, and much more attention paid to the things that matter the most to the electorate. And whilst I am quite biased, as a member of this Assembly representing the people of Brindabella, when it comes to the south of Canberra, it is quite apparent that this region of Canberra is often neglected. And it seems that the current Labor government and its lone Green colleague still do not see any electoral value in improving the quality of life in Tuggeranong, despite the overwhelming message sent to them at the last election.

I thank Mr Seselja for bringing this motion to the Assembly and thank Mr Rattenbury for his amendments which we will be supporting.

MR SESELJA (Brindabella) (4.06): I thank members for their contributions. I thank Mr Rattenbury for the constructive discussion. I do not think the amendments take anything away from the motion. They are simply changing some of the reporting dates. We are comfortable with that.

What we do want to see is an outcome here. And it is twofold. We acknowledge the master planning process is going on and we support that process continuing. We believe that it needs to be done well. Likewise, and as Mr Wall has pointed out, the

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