Page 1476 - Week 05 - Wednesday, 10 April 2013

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their course, with appropriate reporting back to the Assembly. So it is curious that two weeks after these issues were first raised, we have a request for a briefing, and even before that briefing occurs, the opposition leader comes in with a motion like this.

We believe the process we have outlined is sensible, is reasonable and is a considered response. We have followed up a number of factual requests with the corporation, and we are now in a position to hold a special general meeting with the board to discuss these issues. At that meeting we will be discussing ACTEW’s existing governance and accountability arrangements and seeking final assurances as to how mistakes such as the annual report error will be avoided in the future. Again, it is a sensible, responsible and considered response.

We have noted the concerns on governance raised by the ICRC in their draft report on water pricing. I am certainly interested in pursuing those particular issues and talking further with the ICRC once their final report is released. Again, it is a sensible, responsible and considered approach.

But today it is unfortunate that what is clearly a media stunt, given the appearance of TV cameras and the like earlier, is trying to divert from that sensible response in order to point-score. Perhaps I could be generous and say that is the role of the opposition, but there are other ways that the opposition can play a role. In the context of the public approach of the Auditor-General in terms of listing this on her website, it was interesting that Mr Hanson did appear to be unaware that the Auditor-General had foreshadowed that she wishes to look at a number of these issues. So, for Mr Hanson’s benefit, it is there at, and he can find that information. And it is our intention to assist the Auditor-General in that work. Again, it is a reasonable and responsible approach.

In concluding and seeking the support of the Assembly for my amendments, we stress that we take this issue seriously, that the amendments highlight an appropriate way to respond to the issues and to reach final resolution on each of them, in turn, according to a sensible and reasonable approach to decision making. Again, a sensible and reasonable approach from the opposition would be to support this process. So I urge all members of the Assembly to get behind these amendments to ensure that we have a sensible, reasonable approach to resolving these issues.

MR RATTENBURY (Molonglo) (4.58): I welcome the fact Mr Hanson has brought this motion forward today for discussion. As I said earlier in the media today, this is a very important matter for the Assembly to be considering and I think all members in this place are concerned by the various reports that have come to light about some of the matters relating to ACTEW in recent times. When it comes down to this motion, we all agree we need to address the issues of ACTEW; the challenge is to figure out the best way to deal with the various issues.

Mr Hanson’s motion essentially covers three issues: the dam, water assets and operations—which have not had so much discussion, but I am interested that this has come into the motion—and the governance of ACTEW both in light of the ICRC report and the issue of the salary of the managing director.

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