Page 1353 - Week 05 - Tuesday, 9 April 2013

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MR RATTENBURY: At the moment we are just working through the consultation phase and then planning and design for the remainder of the Civic cycle loop. The first stage takes in Marcus Clarke Street and Rudd Street. We still need to do Bunda Street and Allara Street. The idea there is that we will then have connected the major trunk cycling routes around the lake with particularly the Sullivans Creek route to the north of Canberra, which is a very popular bicycle path. I gather from those who use it regularly that we are now starting to get bike jams on some of those routes—a nice problem for the city to have. We have actually had people telling us about the need to widen the cycle lanes to accommodate the number of bikes using that loop. I think that is a nice problem to have at this stage.

The next stage of the Civic cycle loop is certainly something that is very high profile at the moment. We have also been lobbied heavily by Pedal Power to complete the cycleway around the lake. That is something that I think is a worthwhile project. It is not so much a commuting route but one for recreational riders and it is an important tourism resource. I know that the government is looking at that very closely at the moment.

Other than that, as I say, there is the ongoing program of works. That is all about ensuring that we provide the best possible infrastructure we can within the resources to make people comfortable to get out and walk. I do receive quite a lot of representations about areas of Canberra where people feel there are gaps. There is a constant program of filling those gaps in where we can.

MADAM SPEAKER: Supplementary question, Ms Porter.

MS PORTER: Minister, in relation to the city loop, can you give the Assembly more information about how this improves pedestrian and cycle access and how it relates to the transport for Canberra plan.

MR RATTENBURY: Yes. Of course, I have spoken about the Civic cycle loop already, and I think that some of the design features in that have been very well thought through in terms of providing the provision of the cycle lane whilst at the same time ensuring that pedestrian issues have been taken into account. For members who are not familiar with the design details, that is why you will see that the new lane sits at the footpath level the whole way along so that it does not become a trip hazard. There were some questions about whether we should just put in perhaps a gutter or some other mechanism to provide a separated lane, but the view of pedestrian advocates and the design folks is that it is better to do it this way.

Members will also be aware—we have seen it outside the Assembly and in other parts of the city—of the ongoing program of improvements across the city to upgrade the footpaths. We see areas of town where, over time, they have become degraded. The recent works outside the Assembly on London Circuit, both on this side of the road and on the other side, and also on the other side of the city, particularly where Uni Pub is and around that area of University Avenue, are further examples of where those ongoing works are taking place to both give the city a fresh and vibrant look and ensure that the standard of footpaths, particularly, is up to scratch and that they are

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