Page 3705 - Week 08 - Friday, 24 August 2012

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Enlighten Festival—power use
(Question No 2285)

Ms Le Couteur asked the Minister for Economic Development, upon notice, on 2 May 2012 (redirected to the Minister for Tourism, Sport and Recreation):

(1) What was the total power consumption (KwH) of the projections associated with the Enlighten Festival in March 2012.

(2) How much of this electricity was sourced from accredited green power generation.

(3) What were the total greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the projectors’ electricity consumption.

(4) How were these emissions accounted for under the ACT’s 40 percent emissions reduction target.

(5) What was the economic impact of the Enlighten Festival to (a) direct expenditure and (b) Gross Territory Product.

(6) What economic and attendance targets were set for the festival and (a) were these targets met or exceeded and (b) will reporting on these targets be shown in indicators in the budget papers.

Mr Barr: The answer to the member’s question is as follows:

(1) The ENLIGHTEN 2012 projections were predominantly powered via diesel generators due to the limited supply and availability of electricity within the Parliamentary Zone. The total diesel consumption was 2423 litres.

(2) As stated in Question 1.

(3) The total greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the ENLIGHTEN 2012 projectors fuel consumption as estimated by ACT Government Environment and Sustainability Development Directorate is 7.0 tonnes CO2-e (carbon dioxide equivalent).

Specifically the 7.0 tonnes CO2-e is made up of:

6.5 tonnes of scope 1 emissions (emissions that resulted directly from burning the fuel); and

0.5 tonnes of scope 3 emissions (indirect emissions attributable to the extraction, production and transport of the fuels).

(4) Fuels including diesel that are purchased in the ACT are captured and reported annually in the ACT Greenhouse Gas inventory prepared by the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission.

(5) The final economic impact including direct expenditure and Gross Territory Product for ENLIGHTEN 2012 are pending the final event report from Ernst & Young which is expected in June.

(6) (a) The economic target (direct expenditure) for ENLIGHTEN 2012 is $1.0 million. The attendance target for ENLIGHTEN 2012 was 18,618 attendees across indoor and outdoor venues. Outcomes against these targets will be reported as part of the final event report noted above.

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