Page 3676 - Week 08 - Friday, 24 August 2012

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opposition’s staff leadership team, in particular Steve, Ian and Tio. They have done a superb job in the strategy and the overall direction the opposition has taken to date and will go in the future.

Steve and Tio have copped a lot of flak this year and they have been so resilient and so committed. They really have been absolutely superb. There are so many things Tio does for our community which go unnoticed. We know about the party work; we know about the work he does for the opposition; we know about the work he does for his family. But what we do not always see is all the mentoring he does for kids that are doing it tough, the work he does with his tribe, the work he does with his church, the work he does at the university college he has an association with, the work he does for his friends, and much, much more. He is a real servant.

It is a very special responsibility to be a member of the Assembly and one that I have never taken lightly. I am extremely honoured to have been able to carry out this role over the last few years. Regardless of what happens in October, I will always look back at the last four years as a tremendous privilege. Part of that privilege has been the support I have received from my colleagues and also my family and friends, who have been superb and steadfast throughout that period.

I am proud of the Liberal Party. I have been a member of the party for over 12 years now. I support our philosophy and I think we have a great future in the ACT and federally. I am very grateful for the work the volunteers do on a day-to-day basis to help us get the result we need in October. I extend my thanks to Robert at the northern branch and the rest of the executive, as well as the management committee of the party for the selfless work they do. I wish you all the best for the coming weeks in the campaign.


Mr ASSISTANT SPEAKER (Mr Hargreaves): Before I call the next speaker, it is not very often, members, that we have anybody in the gallery in the adjournment debate, and I would like to acknowledge the presence in the gallery of Abby and her friend and also Evie, a future Chief Minister of the ACT. I think we need to recognise their presence in the gallery.



MS BURCH (Brindabella—Minister for Community Services, Minister for the Arts, Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Minister for Ageing, Minister for Women and Minister for Gaming and Racing) (7.38): As we come to the end of the Assembly, it has been an interesting time for the class of 2008, which saw seven new members come into this Assembly. If we knew now what we thought we knew then, we would all be taking ourselves off for a very long lunch, and reflecting on the growth over that time.

I also want to thank the Assembly team who have supported us in any aspect—anyone who works in this building who has supported us from day one. From those early days

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