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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Independent workplace audit (Statement by Speaker)

Petition (Ministerial response)

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

Road Transport (General) Amendment Bill 2011

Workers Compensation (Terrorism) Amendment Bill 2012

Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) Amendment Bill 2011

Road Transport (Third-Party Insurance) Act 2008—review

Questions without notice:


Lake Ginninderra—waterskiing trial


Questions without notice:




Canberra—birthday celebration

ACT Policing—use of force






Fire management unit

Answers to questions on notice:

Question No 2009

Question No 2012

Question No 2026

Question No 1994

Questions Nos 1996 and 1997

Question No 2000

Question No 2015


Executive contracts

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Interjections during question time


National Environment Protection Council—annual report


Emergency Services Agency—response times (Ministerial statement)

Crime—reduction (Matter of public importance)

Mr John Hargreaves:

Motion of no confidence

Standing and temporary orders—suspension

Statement by Speaker

Motion of no confidence


Canberra Catholic primary schools soccer carnival

National Library writing competition

Ms Jaye Radisich

Canberra show



Clean Up Australia Day

DonateLife Week

St John the Apostle primary school fete

ACT Cancer Council—relay for life

Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Road Transport (General) Amendment Bill 2011

Schedule 2: Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) Amendment
Bill 2011

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Family businesses

Liquor Amendment Bill 2012

Water—Cotter Dam

Questions without notice:

Alexander Maconochie Centre—capacity

Children and young people—youth and family support scheme

Health—restaurant closures

Tourism—Canberra Festival


Questions without notice:


Schools—Taylor primary school


Health—air pollution

Rural fire services—Tidbinbilla

Health—nurse practitioners

Multiculturalism—cultural acceptance and community participation

Fire management unit

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Health—restaurant closures


Personal explanation


Water—Cotter Dam

Disability services—post-school options

Roads—William Hovell Drive

Pace Farm—battery hens



OH&S liaison officer funding

World Down Syndrome Day

International Women’s Day

Leukaemia Foundation



Thursday, 22 March 2012


Financial Management Amendment Bill 2012

Energy Efficiency (Cost of Living) Improvement Bill 2012

Standing and temporary orders—adoption of temporary orders as standing orders

Executive business—precedence

Government Procurement Amendment Bill 2011

Sub judice rule—question by minister

Emergencies (Commissioner Directions) Amendment Bill 2012

Questions without notice:

ACT election campaign—communications


ACT election campaign—communications

Standing and temporary orders—suspension

Questions without notice:

ACT election campaign—communications

ACT public service—employees working from home

ACT election campaign—communications


Schools—Taylor primary school

Healthy young people feasibility study

Schools—Taylor primary school




Supplementary answers to questions without notice:





Alexander Maconochie Centre—capacity

Alexander Maconochie Centre—capacity


National Close the Gap Day (Ministerial statement)

Seniors—importance (Matter of public importance)


Sport—cricket umpires

Charnwood Community Carnival

ActewAGL Canberra area theatre awards

Mr Brendan Smyth

Mr Zed Seselja

University of Canberra—Japanese language program

Canberra Seniors Centre

Mr Joel Lyneham

Mr Chris Steel

Answers to questions:

Sentence Administration Board—annual report (Question No 1987)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—Official Visitor (Question No 1989)

Legal Aid Commission—annual report (Question No 1990)

Human Rights Commission—annual report (Question No 1991)

ACT Electoral Commission—annual report (Question No 1992)

Director of Public Prosecutions—annual report (Question No 1993)

Crime—victims (Question No 1994)

Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment—annual report
(Question No 1996)

Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate—annual report
(Question No 1997)

Cultural Facilities Corporation—annual report (Question No 1998)

Work Safety Commissioner—annual report (Question No 1999)

Long Service Leave Authority—annual report (Question No 2000)

Hospitals—nurse-led walk-in centres (Question No 2001)

ACTION bus service—Nightrider service (Question No 2003)

Transport—accessibility (Question No 2004)

ACTION bus service—scheduling (Question No 2005)

Housing—complaints (Question No 2008)

Taxation—property (Question No 2010)

Live in Canberra program (Question No 2011)

ACT Policing—specialist response group (Question No 2014)

Macarthur House—tenants (Question No 2015)

Waste—collection (Question No 2016)

ACTION bus service—review (Question No 2018)

ACTION bus service—Crace (Question No 2020)

Youth—services (Question No 2021)

Youth—services (Question No 2022)

ACTION bus service—school safety program (Question No 2023)

Schools—Pathways Planning document (Question No 2024)

ACTION bus service—school routes (Question No 2025)

Roads—Gungahlin Drive extension (Question No 2027)

Waste—landfill sites (Question No 2028)

Waste—statistics (Question No 2029)

Planning—development application fees (Question No 2030)

Planning—hot-water heaters (Question No 2031)

ACT public service—mobile phones (Question No 2033)

Health—lymphoedema (Question No 2034)

Housing—Northbourne flats (Question No 2035)

Housing—Ainslie Village (Question No 2036)

Health—blue-green algae (Question No 2039)

Environment—carbon neutral schools (Question No 2040)

Territory and Municipal Services Directorate—operational
arrangements (Question No 2041)

Environment—legislation (Question No 2042)

Environment—renewable energy targets (Question No 2043)

Legislative Assembly—staff timesheets (Question No 2045)

Legislative Assembly—staff timesheets (Question No 2046)

ACT public service—workplace investigations (Question No 2051)

ACT public service—workplace investigations (Question No 2052)

Industrial relations—community sector award (Question No 2057)

Health—community nurses (Question No 2060)

Industrial relations—redundancy payments (Question No 2063)

Health—patient care (Question No 2067)

Labor Party—meetings (Question No 2070)

ACTION bus service—MyWay card (Question No 2079)

InTACT—outsourced executive services (Question No 2080)

ACT public service—workplace investigations (Question No 2084)

ACT public service—workplace investigations (Question No 2087)

Waste—collection contracts (Question No 2089)

Enlighten festival—local artists (Question No 2090)

Waste—commercial sector recycling practices (Question No 2091)

Environment—community gardens (Question No 2092)

Planning—solar access (Question No 2093)

Planning—regulatory impact statements (Question No 2094)

Planning—development applications (Question No 2095)

Planning—lease fee waivers (Question No 2096)

Environment—community gardens (Question No 2097)

Questions without notice taken on notice:

Crime—sexual assault

Roads—drug testing

ACTION bus service—Nightrider service


Industrial relations—work safety

Belconnen Way roadworks