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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Petition: Planning—Hawker—petition No 109 (Ministerial response)

Leave of absence

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Road Transport (Third-Party Insurance) (Governance) Amendment Bill 2010

Tourism—Ernst & Young report

Planning and Development (Concessional Leases) Amendment Bill 2010

Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2010

Questions without notice:


Parliamentary triangle—pay parking

Taxation—change of use

Domestic Animal Services—dogs


Canberra Hospital—neurosurgery suite

Schools—distribution of political material

Health—mental health crisis assessment and treatment team

Schools—distribution of political material

Alexander Maconochie Centre—drugs


Answers to questions on notice:

Question No 973

Question No 1038

Executive contracts

Standing Committee on Public Accounts

Heritage Act review

Financial Management Act—instrument

Chief Health Officer’s report 2010


Exercise of call-in powers—block 6 section 21, City

Heritage Act review

Children and young people—consultation (Matter of public importance)


ACT Policing—facilities

St Clare’s college

Canberra Raiders

Mary MacKillop—feast day

Eid-ul-Fitr festival

International affairs—Pakistan

Leukaemia Foundation

ACT Policing—facilities

Battle of Britain—70th anniversary

Inner South Community Council

Canberra Times fun run

International affairs—Pakistan

ArtSound FM

Education—special needs

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Gaming Machine (Problem Gambling Assistance) Amendment Bill 2010

Financial Management (Ethical Investment) Legislation Amendment Bill 2010

Information and communications technology


Questions without notice:

ACTION bus service—effectiveness

Environment—energy policy

ACTION bus service—management

ACTION bus service—breaches

ACTION bus service—disability access


Questions without notice:

Environment—tree felling

Environment—Cotter Dam

ACTION bus service—online trip planner

ACTION bus service—breaches

2000 Olympic Games–volunteers

Roads—speed cameras

Interjection—ruling by Speaker

Personal explanations

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Health—mental health crisis assessment and treatment team

Canberra Hospital—neurosurgery suite

Public housing—energy efficiency


Alexander Maconochie Centre—needle and syringe program

National broadband network—Gungahlin

Alexander Maconochie Centre—drugs

Employment—people with disabilities


2000 Olympic Games—volunteers

Canberra bachelor of the year

Baha'i community in Iran

Eid-ul-Fitr festival

Tharwa fair

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Territory Records Amendment Bill 2010

Criminal Code Amendment Bill 2010

Liquor (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2010

Health, Community and Social Services—Standing Committee

Annual and financial reports 2009-10

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Road Transport (General) Amendment Bill 2010

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2010 (No 3)

Questions without notice:

ACTION bus service—management

ACT (Self-Government) Act 1988

ACTION bus service—ticketing system

Canberra—quality of life


Energy—feed-in tariff

Schools—Black Mountain special school


Health—mental health crisis assessment and treatment team

Canberra Hospital—obstetrics unit review

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Schools—distribution of political material

Environment—Cotter Dam


Answer to question on notice:

Question No 973

Standing order 73

Intergovernmental agreements


Territory-owned Corporations Act 1990

Gender analysis report

Water—efficiency (Matter of public importance)


ACT Hockey—presentations

Brindabella Blues football club

Educational trade mission to China

International affairs—Sri Lanka

Belconnen Community Council

Schedule of amendments:

Schedule 1: Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill
2010 (No 3)

Answers to questions:

Actew Corporation Ltd (Question No 973)

Education—funding (Question No 1033)

Education—funding (Question No 1035)

Canberra Institute of Technology—staff (Question No 1037)

Education—Indigenous students (Question No 1038)

Bicycles—helmets (Question No 1039)

Motorcycles—parking (Question No 1040)

Pace Farm—battery hens (Question No 1041)

Waste—building waste (Question No 1042)

ACT Brumbies (Question No 1043)

Housing—building quality forum (Question No 1044)

Roads—safety initiatives (Question No 1045)

Roads—Belconnen Way bus lane (Question No 1046)

Waste—illegal dumping (Question No 1048)

Waste—recycling centres (Question No 1051)

Libraries—book return chutes (Question No 1052)

Roads—accident statistics (Question No 1053)

Health—public benefit institution concession (Question No 1056)

Health—rehabilitation services (Question No 1059)

Health—mental health (Question No 1060)

Health—mental health (Question No 1061)

Health—mental health (Question No 1062)

Health—primary care infrastructure grants (Question No 1063)

Social welfare—carers advocacy service (Question No 1064)

Housing—community (Question No 1065)

Pierces Creek—rehabilitation management (Question No 1066)

Mulligan’s Flat nature reserve—interim board (Question No 1067)

Jerrabomberra wetlands—interim board (Question No 1068)

Sport—community infrastructure grants (Question No 1069)

Bicycles—cycle path safety (Question No 1070)

Finance—departmental bank accounts (Question No 1076)

Finance—departmental bank accounts (Question No 1078)

Finance—departmental bank accounts (Question No 1082)

Finance—departmental bank accounts (Question No 1083)

Budget—savings (Question No 1085)

Budget—savings (Question No 1086)

Budget—savings (Question No 1088)

Budget—savings (Question No 1091)

Budget—savings (Question No 1092)

Budget—savings (Question No 1093)

Budget—savings (Question No 1094)

Budget—savings (Question No 1099)

Budget—savings (Question No 1100)

Budget—savings (Question No 1101)

Budget—savings (Question No 1106)

Finance—departmental loans (Question No 1108)

Finance—departmental loans (Question No 1115)

Finance—departmental loans (Question No 1121)

Finance—departmental loans (Question No 1121 supplementary)

Finance—departmental loans (Question No 1122)

Finance—departmental loans (Question No 1128)

Finance—government programs (Question No 1130)

Finance—government programs (Question No 1136)

Finance—government programs (Question No 1143)

Finance—government programs (Question No 1144)

Finance—government programs (Question No 1145)

Finance—government programs (Question No 1150)

Finance—government assets and liabilities (Question No 1152)

Finance—government assets and liabilities (Question No 1158)

Finance—government assets and liabilities (Question No 1165)

Finance—government assets and liabilities (Question No 1166)

Finance—government assets and liabilities (Question No 1167)

Environment—greenhouse gas (Question No 1174)

Gungahlin Drive extension—bridge collapse (Question No 1175)

Questions without notice taken on notice:

Children—kinship carer support program—Thursday, 26 August 2010

Schools—relief teachers—Thursday, 26 August 2010

Domestic Animal Services—dogs—Thursday, 26 August 2010

Alexander Maconochie Centre—drugs—Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Domestic Animal Services—dogs—Thursday, 26 August 2010

Children—kinship carer support program—Wednesday, 25 August 2010