Page 175 - Week 01 - Wednesday, 10 February 2010

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MR SPEAKER: Ms Le Couteur, a supplementary question?

MS LE COUTEUR: Thank you. Chief Minister, what work is the government doing on long-term total affordability for households in the ACT? In this, I am alluding to the cost of transport, the cost of heating and the cost of cooling, which are equally relevant to someone living in a house in the ACT.

MR STANHOPE: I thank Ms Le Couteur for the question—at one level a diversion from the basic start-up cost of a house, but nevertheless very important.

The ACT government are very conscious of the need to ensure sustainable transport opportunities for people of the ACT. We have worked hard in the last couple of years on a raft of initiatives to improve public transport, modal shift and sustainable transport. One of the highest priority policy initiatives being pursued within Territory and Municipal Services across the entire department is the sustainable transport action plan, an action plan that we hope to have the capacity, through the coming budget, to begin to put some meat to the bones of if we can actually find, in these economic times and with the issues that we face economically, the capacity to begin to fund the very significant infrastructure and transport-related initiatives that will turn our sustainable transport action plan into a reality. It is a number one priority for the government and the department, but some of these initiatives of course are expensive and will take time.

In addition to that, this government’s investment in a whole range of infrastructure that will assist in modal shift is very significant. Over this quarter, perhaps, for instance, just by way of example—and you are aware of this, I think, from estimates last week—the investment by this government, with some encouragement from the Greens, I acknowledge, in bicycle paths and on-road bicycle lanes has been exemplary. But in relation to a whole range of initiatives that the government have pursued, we have at the heart of our thinking and policy making a sustainable city, one which actually does deal with issues across the board in relation to infrastructure, infrastructure investment and sustainability.

Alexander Maconochie Centre—security breaches

MR DOSZPOT: My question is to the Attorney-General and relates to security at the ACT prison. Attorney, why did the breach of the prison’s email and internet policy occur last month and what is the status of the investigation into this breach?

MR CORBELL: I thank Mr Doszpot for the question. Why did that occur? It occurred through a prisoner accessing an email-based function within a website of a press outlet. It was a way of circumventing the security’s whitelisting policy, which currently permits, as a whitelisted or approved site, sites such as newspaper sites. There are legitimate and good reasons why prisoners should be allowed to read the newspaper and to read the newspaper online.

As a result of that breach, which did not in any way see any impact on anyone associated with that prisoner—there were no threats made, there were no

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