Page 4018 - Week 10 - Thursday, 28 August 2008

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(1) In regard to electricity supplied in the ACT over the past three years, and projected over the next three years, what is the amount of the ACT's total electricity demand supplied by GreenPower, including the (a) number and proportion of households using GreenPower, (b) proportion of total household electricity consumption supplied as GreenPower, (c) number and proportion of businesses using GreenPower, (d) proportion of total business electricity consumption supplied as GreenPower, (e) number and proportion of ACT government agencies using GreenPower, (f) proportion of ACT government electricity consumption supplied as GreenPower, (g) number and proportion of Commonwealth government agencies located in the ACT using GreenPower, (h) proportion of Commonwealth government electricity consumption in the ACT supplied as GreenPower, (i) proportion of GreenPower customers, by category provided above, who purchase 100% or more of their power from GreenPower;

(2) What information and analysis does ActewAGL have on the reasons for the increase of GreenPower users over time, including the impact of (a) price, (b) general public awareness and (c) specific advertising;

(3) What is the proportion of GreenPower use in (a) other Australian States, (b) the United Kingdom and (c) the United States;

(4) What is the extra quantity of electricity that must be switched to GreenPower to stabilise ACT emissions at 1990 levels;

(5) What are the capacity constraints in the supply of GreenPower to ActewAGL;

(6) What is the source of GreenPower supplied by ActewAGL in terms of (a) technological source, for example wind power, solar, etc and (b) the geographic location;

(7) What and where are, the GreenPower generation facilities ActewAGL owns;

(8) What are ActewAGL’s planned GreenPower investments and what is the timeframe for those investments.

Mr Stanhope: The answer to the member’s question is as follows:

The ACT Government is committed to addressing climate change and the use of GreenPower is one of many effective methods. GreenPower is renewable energy sourced from the sun, wind, water and waste that is purchased by energy companies on the customer’s behalf. Only a small amount (about eight per cent) of electricity in the national grid currently comes from renewable sources.

Action 5 of the ACT Government’s Climate Change Strategy – Weathering the Change, flagged the Government’s intention to require GreenPower to be the first product offered to all new and re-connecting customers. This reverses the usual market approach of customers having to actively seek out and request the product.

1. Based on the latest quarterly report from the National GreenPower Accreditation Steering Group, as of 31 March 2008 the following information can be identified for GreenPower in the ACT;

a. There are a total of 10,203 customers in the ACT. Based on the 2006 Australian Bureau of Statistics census, which states the ACT had 131,000

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