Page 3807 - Week 10 - Wednesday, 27 August 2008

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What are his views on a range of important social issues? We know that the Unification Movement is allied politically with Evangelical Christians in the US; so we know the sort of social agenda that this organisation is pursuing. We know that Moon has spoken vehemently against free sex and against homosexual activity. In talks to church members he describes homosexuals as dirty dung-eating dogs and he has prophesised that gays will be eliminated in a purge on God’s orders—

Mrs Burke: Point of order, Mr Assistant Speaker.

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: Do you have a point of order, Mrs Burke?

Mrs Burke: I have. Relevance; this is not relevant to the motion before us. I draw your attention to that, Mr Assistant Speaker, and seek your ruling on that.

MR BARR: It is entirely relevant—

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: Yes, I think it is relevant.

MR BARR: as it goes to these exact social issues and the position that the Leader of the Opposition would accept a gift from the Universal Peace Organisation, an organisation that espouses these sorts of views. It goes to the heart of where he stands on social policy.

The RiotACT website has this as one of its major discussion points under the subject heading “Zed the Moonie and other tales of disclosure”. There are quite detailed accounts. It does raise the question: what is Zed doing hanging out with the Moonies and how does he reconcile that with his own faith and the positions that he would put in this chamber as Chief Minister? That is a pretty fundamental question and the sorts of views that are espoused by this organisation do call into question why any member in this place—any member of a mainstream political party—would attend such a conference and seek sponsorship from such an organisation. It really does go to the heart of where Zed Seselja stands as an individual.

I am prepared to make my views on the range of social policy issues very clear and to vote on them in this chamber. Everyone knows where I stand on those issues and for the purposes of the particular issue you have raised today, Mr Assistant Speaker. I, of course, support a woman’s right to choose and will always do so and will always vote that way in this chamber.

Anyone who seeks to vote for me in this election and any future elections will always know that is my position, just as they will know my position on legal equality for gays and lesbians, just as they will know my position on the range of important social issues. There is no point in his trying to run to be Chief Minister of this territory while he is trying to duck and weave his way around all of these social policy issues. He knows in his heart of hearts that he is the most socially conservative leader of the Liberal Party in the history of this territory and certainly amongst all Liberal leaders in Australia at the moment.

This is not a small “l” liberal party. This lot have entirely given up any claim to being liberal. They are big “c” conservatives and you see that not only on these issues but on

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