Page 3765 - Week 10 - Wednesday, 27 August 2008

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Mr Pratt: Talk about B grade.

MR HARGREAVES: Talking about the B team, are you the vice-captain of the B team, Mr Pratt?

MR SPEAKER: Order, Mr Hargreaves. Direct your comments through the chair, please.

MR HARGREAVES: Okay, Mr Speaker. He is the vice-captain of the B team.

MR SPEAKER: Is there a supplementary question?

MR PRATT: Thanks, Mr Speaker. Minister, why did the ACT government fail to show foresight in developing the Gungahlin Drive extension?

MR HARGREAVES: The Stanhope Labor government showed vision. These guys showed blindness. All that these guys did was talk about it, get their sums wrong and stoke people up to slow the whole thing down. What happened was that the Stanhope Labor government started the project and started the D9 symphony and we got the road built. There is a simple fact that you cannot escape—that is, you can drive your car all the way from Isaacs, which is not in your electorate, all the way up Gungahlin Drive and into Gungahlin without going through the city. You can do that now, and you could not do it before. Mr Speaker, they could not ever do it before. They can do it now.

In fact, if he gets a pair—I am sure Ms MacDonald will agree—I will take him for a drive this afternoon, with a pair. Can we trust him with a pair? Maybe not. I will take him for a drive. And what will happen? We will be able to drive on that road because this government has delivered; the road is open. The road was not there when you guys promised the road. You promised the road and they believed you. They believed you so much that they kicked you unceremoniously out of office. I am sorry, you guys. We have got an A teamer, two B teamers and a Zed teamer over the back there. I am sorry; I didn’t mean to say that, Bill. You’re not a Zed teamer anymore. The point is that Mr Pratt asked whether it was short sighted. Were we far sighted? Yes, we were. The fact is that the road is built. They did not do it, and we did.


MR MULCAHY: My question is to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services. Minister, it has been reported that the Summernats will commence on 31 December this year. Has ACT Policing liaised with the organisers of the event and can you advise the Assembly whether ACT Policing will be in a position to deal with the extra demand caused by this change of arrangements?

MR CORBELL: I thank Mr Mulcahy for the question. My advice from ACT Policing is that the implications of Summernats conducting part of their events over the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day period are currently being assessed by the people within ACT Policing responsible for the planning of New Year’s Eve events and the policing of major events.

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