Page 3736 - Week 10 - Wednesday, 27 August 2008

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The Authorities can only ever do one of two things—either ban it or tax it. But hell yeah good idea in theory but no practical use.

There is some useful commentary on this site as well. There is some quite informed commentary as well as it attempts to get a laugh. It indicates:

Users can also ingest methamphetamine through more than just an ice pipe, but the pipe is probably the cleanest and safest method.

Needles are another easy method, but might I suggest you go and visit the ACT Histopathology Museum first, to see what the after-effects are, when unskilled hands think they know what they’re doing? … For you, I wholeheartedly recommend a viewing of “The Thing” (Do not click the link if you are of a weak disposition … which a great many Canberra students have seen as part of high school Biology … is the perspex-encased hand of a man who chose to inject into an artery instead of a vein.

It was rendered ischemic through a blockage of his arteries, by the foreign material included in his drug hit, but had it amputated only after the smell of gangrene became too much for him to bear.

Imagine for a moment more people walking around your electorate with similarly gangrenous limbs. I … would urge to reconsider this policy stance before going public with it.

Oh no, too late.


A voter in your electorate

And finally, point 7 states:

Doesn’t he know that most younguns start smoking the chronic with something far less elaborate than a bong bought from the local smokes shop? As my learned colleagues here—

he means on the website—

have pointed out, orchy bottles, neighbours’ hoses, and other miscellany are the gateway tools that Mr Mulcahy … needs to worry about.

It’s much easier (and far less heartbreaking) to toss out a gunk-filled orchy bottle when your mum starts getting suss because your clothes don’t actually smell of ‘incense’, than to part with your double barrelled chamber of sticky green love.

People are always going to want to blaze up, and be creative about it too. Ban the bong and watch the wasted youth of Canberra come up with new wacky new ways to get high!

Mr Mulcahy—you might wear leather patches on a tweed jacket, but you’ve just lost my vote!

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