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not hear that he had been warned. However, to those of us who witnessed the occasion—and I was in that particular debate, as were others—he very quickly—

Mr Barr: When are we seeing your TV ads, Steve? I’m really looking forward to yours.

MR PRATT: He very quickly, I recall, after he had been warned—

Mr Barr: I’ve had my night of watching the Olympics.

MR PRATT: I recall that, after he had been warned, he sprang immediately to his feet to take a point of order. The point of order taken was instantaneous. It seemed to most of us that, having been challenged by this side of the chamber about what standing order he was raising, he simply rambled off into some diatribe about how he was just checking to see the relevance of the debate.

We do not quite see it that way, Mr Speaker. We think that this was a very poor reflection. It is a great pity that the Chief Minister has gone to such lengths overnight to mislead the community about the facts surrounding the incident which occurred in this place yesterday. It is very deeply disappointing. It is deeply disappointing that Mr Stanhope should have spun that the way he has spun it. I hope he reflects on his conduct. He is the Chief Minister; he is the first minister. He must set an example. That extends to making sure that he does not pull the wool over the community’s eyes about that sort of behaviour, and that is what he is trying to do.

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

DR FOSKEY (Molonglo) (9.34): Thank you, Mr Very Tired Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: I’ve got a bit of life left in me yet.

DR FOSKEY: I just wish to speak a little; I am sure that you will pull me up if I am out of order. I think you will pull me up if I am out of order. We will just see if you are listening, Mr Speaker.

I would like to respond to things the Chief Minister said this morning in response to the tabling of the public accounts committee’s report on Rhodium. We did, of course, table two reports today. One has hardly got a mention, but I am sure that you will all find that riveting reading as well.

Mr Stanhope responded in question time with some advice that he received from the Government Solicitor. I believe that he said he would table that advice. I am not sure whether other members recollect him saying that, but I would hope that that advice would be tabled. Of course, I do not have the transcript of question time in front of me. Anyway, I certainly would encourage and urge the Chief Minister to table that advice given that that advice is so important to the arguments—

Members interjecting—


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