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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Regulatory Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2007

Crimes Amendment Bill 2008

Questions without notice:

Schools—Lyons primary

Griffith oval No 1

Schools—Lyons primary

ACT Policing—roster system

Environment—Department of Defence land

Schools—Lyons primary

Schools—Lyons primary

Schools—Lyons primary


Schools—Lyons primary

Education—healthy lifestyle

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

ACT Policing—roster system

Answers to questions on notice:

Question No 1844

Question No 1874

Question No 1878

Question No 1851

Question No 1854


Executive contracts


Public Accounts––Standing Committee

Concessions program—review

Territory plan—variation No 285


Public education—management (Matter of public importance)

Crimes Amendment Bill 2008

Standing Orders—Suspension

Crimes (Street Offences) Amendment Bill 2007

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2007 (No 2)


Mr Don Bell

Professor Peter Cullen

Mr Don Bell


Canberra citizen of the year award

Mr Don Bell

Mr Don Bell


Mr Don Bell

Canberra citizen of the year award

Professor Peter Cullen

Mr Peter Sinfield

Schools—Lyons primary

Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Regulatory Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2007

Schedule 2: Crimes Amendment Bill 2008

Schedule 3: Crimes Amendment Bill 2008

Schedule 4: Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment

Bill 2007 (No 2)

Wednesday 2 April, 2008


Rates (Fire and Emergency Services Levy Repeal) Amendment Bill 2008


Questions without notice:

Vocational education and training


Civil unions legislation



Australian Federal Police—security clearances


ACTION bus service—network



Council of Australian Governments—meeting

Answer to question on notice:

Question No 1825

Housing––affordability (Matter of public importance)



Lace exhibition

Walking school bus

Industrial relations

St Mary in the Valley

Cricket competition

Tobacco retailing

Cricket competition

Schools—Lyons primary

Schools—Lyons primary

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (Enforcement)

Amendment Bill 2008

Executive business—precedence

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2007 (No 2)

Human Cloning and Embryo Research Amendment Bill 2007

Questions without notice:



Environment—waste management









Financial Management Act

Murray-Mackie study


Public housing—energy efficiency

University of Canberra—management (Matter of public importance)

Human Cloning and Embryo Research Amendment Bill 2007


Commonwealth Day

Justice and community safety legislation


Employment—labour market

Cancer Council—relay for life

Charnwood Carnival

Belconnen Community Service

Housing design seminar


National Folk Festival

Ms Val Plumwood

Schedule of amendments :

Schedule 2: Human Cloning and Embryo Research Amendment Bill 2007

Answers to questions:

Planning—Kambah (Question No 1815)

Children—access (Question No 1824)

Roads—Wells Station Road (Question No 1826)

Braddon—flooding (Question No 1827)

Motor vehicles—registration payments (Question No 1832)

Canberra Hospital—helipad (Question No 1833)

Children—autism (Question No 1839)

Roads—speeding (Question No 1841)

Education—universities admissions index (Question No 1843)

ACT Health—patient supply and quality unit (Question No 1846)

Hospitals—access improvement program (Question No 1847)

National Convention Centre (Question No 1850)

Crime—assaults (Question No 1855)

Dickson library (Question No 1856)

ACTION bus service—Nightrider (Question No 1857)

Public service—community engagement (Question No 1858)

Planning—consent agreements (Question No 1859)

Health—domiciliary oxygen (Question No 1861)

Health—influenza preparedness plan (Question No 1862)

Health—occupational health and safety claims (Question No 1863)

Nurses—agency (Question No 1865)

Disability services—advisory council (Question No 1867)

Disability services—employment (Question No 1868)

Disability services—support services (Question No 1869)

Disability ACT—policy framework (Question No 1870)

Public service—consulting services (Question No 1872)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1873)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1875)

Disability services—focus groups (Question No 1877)

Tharwa bridge (Question No 1879)

Roads—safety signs (Question No 1880)

Motor vehicles—registration waiting times (Question No 1881)

Tharwa bridge (Question No 1882)

Charity bins—illegal dumping (Question No 1883)

Planning—block 23, city (Question No 1884)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1892)

Public service—consulting services (Question No 1897)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1900)

Public service—focus groups (Question No 1908)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1909)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1911)

Public service—focus groups (Question No 1912)

Public service—consulting services (Question No 1913)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1914)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1915)

Public service—focus groups (Question No 1916)

Arboretum—wollemi pines (Question No 1917)

Finance—debt collection review (Question No 1921)

Social welfare—corporate philanthropy (Question No 1922)

Planning—Dunlop (Question No 1931)

Planning—Dunlop (Question No 1932)

Environment—wild dog control (Question No 1933)

Environment—weed control (Question No 1934)

Schools—closures (Question No 1936)

Schools—closures (Question No 1937)

Schools—closures (Question No 1938)

Housing—youth (Question No 1946)

Disability services—future directions framework (Question No 1948)

Children—autism (Question No 1949)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1953)

Public service—focus groups (Question No 1954)

Public service—focus groups (Question No 1959)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1960)

Public service—consulting services (Question No 1961)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1962)

Public service—focus groups (Question No 1963)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1964)

Public service—consulting services (Question No 1965)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1966)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1967)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1968 )

Public service—focus groups (Question No 1969)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1970)

Yarralumla brickworks (Question No 1979)