Page 59 - Week 01 - Tuesday, 12 February 2008

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informed at an early stage, that projects are properly scoped and, in addition, that detailed business cases are put to cabinet before appropriation is provided.

Those are the measures we have taken. Those are the assurances that have previously been given by me in this place, as Mr Pratt well knows. I think the real difficulty with this approach and this line of questioning from those opposite is that Mr Seselja has not been paying attention to the answers. He has been sitting down the end there while Bill and Brendan and Richard slugged it out, but when he becomes opposition leader he thinks all these issues are new. He thinks all these things are groundbreaking. He thinks—

Mrs Dunne: I raise a point of order as to relevance, Mr Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: Come to the subject matter of the question. I think you have strayed a bit.

MR CORBELL: He thinks that issues such as FireLink are new and that they deserve some new airing. The answers have been given. The government is on the record. We are moving forward. Unlike those opposite, we are not relying on those things that we might have missed over the last six months. We are setting out a forward agenda, not reflecting on things that may have been missed in the past, such as those that Mr Seselja thinks are relevant.

MR SPEAKER: A supplementary question, Mr Pratt.

MR PRATT: Mr Speaker, my supplementary question to the minister is this. Minister, will you at least, for the Chief Minister, apologise to ACT taxpayers for your government wasting over $5 million on the failed FireLink project?

MR CORBELL: I have already answered these questions. It is very disappointing that the new Liberal leadership team does not seem to have paid any attention to the answers previously given in this place. What have they been doing? Have they been asleep? Has Zed been catching a few zzzs on the benches? I know that Mr Seselja tried very hard not to associate himself with the debacle that has been the Liberal Party for the last three years but now he really has to deal with it. He has really got to show that he is up to the game, he is on top of his game and he knows what he is talking about.

I have answered this question repeatedly. The government has outlined in detail the measures it has taken to ensure that we do not see a repeat of those circumstances surrounding FireLink. We stand by those commitments. They are in place, they have been implemented and we are moving forward in that regard.


MR STEFANIAK: Mr Speaker, my question is to the Chief Minister. In November 2005 Mr Corbell stated:

… we are continuing to work on dedicated public transport infrastructure such as the proposed busway.

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