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In its Draft Report, the Commission has also drawn to the government’s attention certain matters relating to the structure of the financial subsidies on water charges that the government does provide to households who are in particular financial need. These are matters that need to be considered by the government in the context of the final tariff structure determined by the Commission.

A copy of Report is available at: data/assets/pdf_file/0016/82303/Report_11_of_2007.pdf

(b) Low income households are provided with subsidised showerhead installation through the Utility Hardship Intervention Project, also described by some participants as the Water and Energy Savings Trial (WEST). Participant households have an energy audit undertaken of their dwelling and are given specific advice on how to reduce their energy and water consumption. The Program is provided through the Sustainability Programs and Projects Branch of TAMS.

The Sustainability Programs and Projects Branch will also include an offer to pension cardholders in its upcoming dual flush toilet rebate program. The program will offer rebates of $100 for replacement of single flush toilets with dual flush systems. Pension cardholders will be offered a full rebate on a new dual flush toilet.

Australian National University School of Music
(Question No 1795)

Dr Foskey asked the Minister for the Arts, upon notice, on 4 December 2007:

(1) Who are the members of the task force set up to consider issues around the Australian National University (ANU) School of Music;

(2) Are there terms of reference for the task force, or what issues are to be considered;

(3) What progress can be reported at this stage;

(4) In relation to an alleged verbal agreement in the early nineties, when the ACT Government ceded to the ANU the land on which the Jazz School now stands in exchange for the portion of the ROCKS area owned by the ANU and adjacent to ACT Government property, with the ANU now constructing buildings over this area, what financial compensation has been paid to the Government for each parcel of land;

(5) Will the temporary accommodation provided for former ROCKS tenants be replaced by permanent accommodation;

(6) What accommodation will be provided for the AIDS Action Council;

(7) Does the Government still own the area between the Street Theatre and the ANU student accommodation;

(8) If any change has occurred or is to happen, what will be the circumstances.

Mr Stanhope: The answer to the member’s question is as follows:

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