Page 259 - Week 01 - Thursday, 14 February 2008

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guys could never have even dreamt of dealing with when you were in government. These are the things that we have done. These are the things we manage every single day.

Not only do we manage the day-to-day reality of running a health system: we actually have a plan for the future of the ACT health system. It does not involve spaceships, Mrs Burke. It does not involve sending patients into outer space for treatment.

Mrs Burke: Through the chair.

MR SPEAKER: Direct your comments through me, please, minister.

MS GALLAGHER: It deals with the future needs of our community; it should be embraced by those opposite, not bagged by those opposite.

ACTION bus service—routes

MR MULCAHY: My question is to the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services. Minister, during recent consultation sessions with the Curtin community a considerable number of residents have raised with me concerns about changes to the bus system. I understand that in addition to bus routes 30 and 32 the express service from Curtin to the city has been removed. This service, bus route 37, was, I understand, well patronised by many residents who work in Civic.

Also a level of dissatisfaction has been raised about the quality of the consultation that occurred. I understand, for example, that consultation occurred in December at a time, I am advised, when many residents who normally use the service were not at work and was mainly conducted online on the ACTION website.

Minister, on what basis was the express service between Curtin and Civic cancelled? Was consideration given to the submissions of Curtin residents?

MR HARGREAVES: Thank you, Mr Speaker. I thank Mr Mulcahy for the question. Firstly, the routes to Curtin that you talk about have not been changed yet. The changes were proposed as part of the original redesign of Network 08. The reason why they were put out into the community was to receive just the sort of feedback that we have received from the residents of Curtin. If my memory serves me correctly—and please do not hold me to the route numbers, we have received quite a lot of representation from the people of Curtin about route 30 and 32.

The consultation process included not only online information, but also included advertisements in the paper seeking to have people put their views into the ACTION hotline to the developers of the network. We received quite a few representations from there. Also I received my own representations from these people. In each case I have arranged for an officer from ACTION to talk directly to the constituent who has raised the issue.

All of the routes in the old Network 06, as amended, because we put on another 100 or so, were wiped and a new network advised to the general public. The changes were based on patronage, as we understood those patronages to be. We had limited

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