Page 3304 - Week 11 - Tuesday, 13 November 2007

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properties accidentally into my place? We have seen enough examples around this country of poor little kids walking, unknowingly, into those sorts of circumstances.

Therefore, I stress again the need for this amendment, to ensure that we start somewhere with a dangerous dog breed list. It is very, very important that, whilst we have the debate about what constitutes a dangerous dog or a dangerous dog breed, we at least start with a list so that we can put in place the processes needed to discipline both the government and its departments and all of us.

At 6.00 pm, in accordance with standing order 34, the debate was interrupted and the resumption of the debate made an order of the day for the next sitting. The motion for the adjournment of the Assembly was put.


Australian Labor Party—policies

MR SESELJA (Molonglo) (6.00): I would like to say a few words about the recent comments of Peter Garrett and what I think they might mean for the Australian people if they do choose to support the Labor Party at the federal election. Peter Garrett was a very loveable rock star, I have to say. I used to quite enjoy listening to a bit of Midnight Oil. In fact, I must confess that I still occasionally listen to a bit of Midnight Oil. I go back to the old favourites. Beds are burning from the Diesel & Dust CD was fantastic.

I remember the opening of the national museum. Peter Garrett and Midnight Oil were there, and it was quite a performance. He was quite a performer. As an activist he was somewhat more extreme. With the ACF we saw some of his views on various things. We saw him vehemently opposing US bases. Of course, once he joined the Labor Party he recanted.

He once said that any economic growth is always accompanied by commensurate environmental degradation. For someone who aspires to be environment minister of this country, that is an interesting thing to say. Essentially, he believes that economic growth automatically will cause environmental degradation. But if we look around the world we see that the countries that are the most developed tend to have better environmental records than less developed nations. If anyone wants to look around the world for examples, they would not have to go too far.

The stupidity of that statement, of course, is clear. But it does demonstrate where he was coming from. The only part of his true beliefs that has come out in Labor Party policies so far is the 60 per cent target by 2050 that the Labor Party has put on the table. Of course, they are happy to put long-term targets, but they did it without doing the work as to whether it can be done and what the impacts might be. This is one of the dangers of the policies espoused by Peter Garrett and the Labor Party in these areas. But, of course, we saw the true colours coming out recently when Mr Garrett said to Steve Price, “Once we get in we will just change it all.”

We have seen a lot of me-tooism from Kevin Rudd. Rudd is, in fact, the acceptable face of the Labor Party. They have put him forward as someone who seems inoffensive and who seems like he is not going to change very much once he gets in.

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