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Tuesday, 20 February 2007


Griffith library

Planning—Norton Street, Evatt

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Land (Planning and Environment) Legislation Amendment Bill 2007

Chief Minister (Notice of motion of want of confidence)

Sitting pattern—2007

Quarterly travel report—non-executive members


Committee reports—schedule of government responses


Budget 2006-2007—mid-year review


Financial Management Act—instruments


Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Sub judice convention and standing order 54 (Statement by Speaker)

Chief Minister (Motion of want of confidence)

Petition: Belconnen golf course

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Auditor-General’s report No 1 of 2007


Standing orders—suspension

Land (Planning and Environment) Legislation Amendment Bill 2007

Adjournment: Death of Aveline Rubinshteyn

Schedules of amendments: Schedule 1:

Land (Planning and Environment) Legislation Amendment Bill 2007

Schedule 2:

Land (Planning and Environment) Legislation Amendment Bill 2007

Answers to questions:

Flora and Fauna Committee (Question No 1406)

Government—contractors (Question No 1411a)

Government—contractors (Question No 1411b)

Government—contractors (Question No 1412 )

Emergency Services Agency (Question No 1415)

Health—service complaints (Question No 1421)

Health—legal settlements (Question No 1428)

Development—Kingston foreshore (Question No 1431)

Roads—footpaths (Question No 1432)

Public service—job losses (Question No 1434)

Industrial relations—rallies (Question No 1435)

Belconnen Remand Centre (Question No 1440)

Office of Regulatory Services (Question No 1441)

Dickson—parking arrangements (Question No 1442)

Sport and recreation—aquatic facilities (Question No 1443)

Housing—applicant categories (Question No 1446)

National Capital Private Hospital (Question No 1448)

Griffith Library—use of premises (Question No 1449)

Griffith library—recurrent costs (Question No 1451)

Policing—greenhouse strategy (Question No 1452)

Policing—community perceptions (Question No 1453)

Policing—response times (Question No 1454)

Policing—total offences (Question No 1455)

Policing—community perceptions (Question No 1456)

Policing—major events (Question No 1457)

Policing—motorcade duties (Question No 1458)

Policing—Clea Rose case (Question No 1459)

Policing—fatal collisions (Question No 1460)

Policing—performance indicators (Question No 1461)

Housing—vulnerable residents (Question No 1462)

Schools—closures (Question No 1463)

Education—Italian language (Question No 1464)