Page 306 - Week 01 - Thursday, 16 February 2006

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(6) Currently, taxi networks are not required to report on telephone queue waiting times. In relation to the fault in November 2005, queue waiting times were not the issue. The problem was that callers could not hear the responses made by Aerial call centre staff.

(7) Yes. Waiting 15 minutes to book a taxi is not acceptable. The Road Transport Authority is currently developing new Minimum Service Standards for taxi networks, including telephone waiting time standards, to be introduced in 2006. Aerial advises it will be installing new telephone technology commencing in January 2006, including providing full voice recognition facilities, to greatly reduce the time taken to respond to calls.

(8) In regard to minimising the occurrence and impact of any future telephone system faults, Aerial advises that Telstra is to install a new backup connection to Aerial’s Fyshwick building and the maintenance contract with Telstra is to be updated to a ‘priority’ rating.

Environment and conservation—parks and facilities
(Question No 820)

Mr Pratt asked the Minister for Urban Services, upon notice, on 14 December 2005:

(1) Further to an ABC News Online article entitled “Budget squeeze blamed for poor park upkeep” dated 10 December 2005, how many complaints have been made to Urban Services regarding the poor state of Canberra Parks and Facilities in the years (a) 2001-02, (b) 2002-03, (c), 2003-04, (d) 2004-05, (e) 2005-06 to date;

(2) Has the head of Urban Services blamed a lack of funds for the poor upkeep of many Canberra parks and facilities; if so, why;

(3) What is being done to address this lack of funding within the Department of Urban Services;

(5) Why has the maintenance budget for Urban Services been under strain for a number of years;

(6) Regarding the quote some of these things are less than desirable, (a) what things are less than desirable, (b) is this referring to complaints made such as Acton Park and the Belconnen Bus Interchange, and (c) are there any other things that are currently in a less than desirable state;

(7) Further to the quote that “while you're clearing up you're not fixing the usual day-to-day things,” what day-to-day things are being neglected while the Department of Urban Services is helping to clear up areas as a result of the recent storms.

Mr Hargreaves: The answer to the member’s question is as follows:

(1) Collectively, the number of enquires received, including complaints were:

(a) 2001-02: 6600 of which 3900 were tree related;

(b) 2002-03: 8467 of which 5231 were tree related;

(c) 2003-04: 10114 of which 7155 were tree related;

(d) 2004-05: 10656 of which 7344 were tree related;

(e) 2005-06: 5066 to date.

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