Page 301 - Week 01 - Thursday, 16 February 2006

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(c) extensive public information and consultation sessions undertaken as part of the route options analysis;

(d) initial engineering design work to provide information for the development and costing of route options;

(e) environmental, operational, social and cultural heritage impact identification and assessment for all proposed route options.

(f) engineering design of the bus priority roadwork within the Belconnen Town Centre. and

(g) development of initial concept options for bus operations within the City Centre and for access through the ANU / City West precinct.

(3) Works to be undertaken for the remaining funds of $4.2m are due to be fully expended in the 2006/07 financial year.


(a) It is anticipated that items such as concept designs, economic assessment, project scoping, finance models, preliminary assessment and cycling facilities will be undertaken in the 2005/06 financial year.

(b) It is anticipated that items such as patronage forcasting, detailed engineering design and cost benefit, business analysis forcasts will occur in 2006/07.

(5) For major infrastructure projects there are many levels of cost benefit analysis that occur as each level of design detail and as costs become known.

The first such analysis was completed as part of the Public Transport Futures Feasibility study (PTFFS). The PTFFS investigated the economic viability of a public transport corridor system (such as network of busways) to connect the town centres and Civic. The PTFFS estimated that for an investment of $550 million in a total public transport corridor system there would be a positive net benefit of about $1,490 million. The work is publicly available.

A second economic assessment, specifically on the Belconnen to Civic busway, will be completed after a preferred route is identified.

A third full cost benefit analysis will be undertaken when engineering design and costing has been completed. This is the normal cycle for major infrastructure projects – i.e. as each new level of engineering and cost detail becomes clear a further assessment is made before proceeding to further stages.

(6) The full cost benefit analyses will include patronage projections.

(7) Any decisions on the construction of the busway will be considered after the detailed engineering design, costs and justifications are completed and a business case prepared.

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