Page 5006 - Week 15 - Thursday, 15 December 2005

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(5) Given that on page 44 of Rhodium’s annual report there is a statement that Rhodium acquired property, plant, equipment and intangibles valued at $2.486 million, did Rhodium acquire these assets or were they transferred from the previous operating entity;

(6) What is meant by the phrase, used on page 26 of Rhodium’s annual report, that Rhodium embraces a non-heirarchical matrix-based organisational structure that supports multi-dimensional operating roles;

(7) Given that in the annual report of the Department of Treasury there is a comment that during 2004-05 the options for future motor vehicle fleet management were researched and it is proposed that the Government’s preferred option will be decided and implemented during 2005-06, what implications does this project have for Rhodium.

Mr Quinlan: The answer to the member’s question is as follows:

(1) The funds are an equity injection and are neither a loan nor a grant.

(2) See the answer to Question 1. The Government is expecting a commercial return on the equity that it has invested in Rhodium.

(3) See the answer to Question 1.

(4) In stating that “the $1.5m was to initialise a new enterprise architecture solution”, it is meant that Rhodium intends to purchase a new Information Technology (IT) system.

(5) The $2.486m referred to represents a cash transaction, recorded on Rhodium’s Statement of Cash Flows relating to assets acquired by Rhodium in the normal course of its investing activities (i.e. in the conduct of its day-to-day leasing business) and reported in accordance with the accounting standards, from January to June 2005.

(6) The “non-hierarchical matrix-based organisational structure” referred to in Rhodium’s Annual report refers to a “flat” organisational structure.

(7) Decisions taken by the Government in relation to its fleet business may potentially impact on Rhodium. No decisions have yet been taken by the Government in relation to the future financing options for the motor vehicle fleet.

Housing—conflict resolutions
(Question No 780)

Mrs Burke asked the Minister for Disability, Housing and Community Services, upon notice, on 17 November 2005:

(1) Further to the answer to question on notice No 338 and given that the Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services is a major financial contributor to the work of the Conflict Resolution Service (CRS), why doesn’t Housing ACT maintain any record or statistics on referral of tenancy disputes that require the assistance of the CRS;

(2) How long has the Change in Focus initiative been in operation combining the efforts of staff from Housing ACT and the CRS to find resolutions for tenants who have ongoing conflicts in their neighbourhood;

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