Page 4960 - Week 15 - Thursday, 15 December 2005

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propaganda. You who stoop to such levels are to be pitied more than ridiculed in many ways; you are very bad losers.

During yet another ridiculous debate on WorkChoices yesterday, Mr Quinlan made a point of targeting me—or was it my husband?—in what was thinly disguised as an attack upon the federal government’s industrial relations legislation. Mr Quinlan and other Labor members opposite should perhaps have availed themselves of the recent facts before attacking my husband and me in such a shabby way, which is clearly what Mr Quinlan’s innuendo was all about yesterday. Mr Quinlan should have the courage to speak face to face with my husband about the truth of the matter, rather than making veiled accusations and assumptions, under parliamentary privilege. I note ironically, Mr Speaker, that the Chief Minister is rather keen not to see shabby politics in this place, yet he and his deputy would be two of the best for delivering shabby personal attacks on members of the opposition.

So, for the record, members, all entitlements at all times were paid to Endoxos employees. All Endoxos employees have, in fact, been paid long service leave—not once but twice. Ms Gallagher should now try to recover the moneys overpaid. All payroll tax has been paid. The union has had a vendetta against Endoxos for many years, and in fact I was threatened by a union official a few years ago, who said, “We will do all we can to close your business down”—and all this because we would not force our employees to be union members. The union has used employees in the cleaning industry for their own gain for years, with little to no positive outcome for the poor unsuspecting employees. The union lost their recent case against Endoxos and Endoxos have been awarded costs.

I might add here that Mr Quinlan might like to revisit his close associations with a certain local cleaning company before he continues to hurl accusations elsewhere. This company is well known for paying underaward rates. Once sprung, this company then, and only then, pays up. This same company has also been in strife in relation to arrears of payroll tax. I am wondering if the Treasurer and the Minister for Industrial Relations might check whether this same company has any government contracts. My husband would be happy to discuss the matter with either of you. Thank you, Mr Speaker and members, for that.

On a positive note, I will say to all members: I wish you a huge, blessed Christmas. I wish an absolutely good holiday, resting up, to everybody within this building, all the people involved that look after us so well. To my staff, Robin and Nick, thank you very, very much for your undying support. I also give thanks to the library staff; the education office, who are a vital link to the outside world; Hansard; the DLOs; the cleaners, who are often forgotten in this place; the Speaker’s office; the Clerk’s office; corporate services—maybe their Christmas present to members is the resources to do our job properly in this modern age; chamber support, you guys are the glue that holds this place together; the committee secretariat, particularly committee secretary Ellie Eggerking; Barry Schilg, and so it goes on. If I have missed anybody, I do apologise. I wish you all a safe, blessed Christmas. Let us come back next year refreshed and reinvigorated, and let us make sure that we follow Mr Stanhope’s words and cease the shabby politicking.

Canberra Hospital—development issues


MR MULCAHY (Molonglo) (5.15): I will say a few words that are appropriate to the

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