Page 3156 - Week 10 - Wednesday, 24 August 2005

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Mrs Burke: Point of order, Mr Speaker. I do not believe that the minister answered the question correctly. I was asking that if the ACT SES is being tasked in this way, what will the staff of the ESA be doing?

MR SPEAKER: Order! Mrs Burke, there is no point of order.

Mrs Burke: Mr Speaker, with respect, the minister was talking about the SES. I was asking about the ESA.

MR SPEAKER: The minister has answered the question and that is the end of the matter.


MR SESELJA: My question is directed to the minister for police. I refer to the report in today’s Canberra Times about the assault on a university student in Civic in the early hours of Saturday morning. The student was seriously injured and remains in hospital. Minister, according to this report, a spokeswoman for you is quoted as saying:

… I urge everyone to take responsibility for their own actions …

This student had been to the cinema and was walking with a friend. In what ways was this student not being responsible for his own safety and welfare?

MR HARGREAVES: This an individual incident; it is about a specific case. There are facts about this case that, in the interests of the privacy of that particular victim, shall not be made public. Mr Seselja is fast running out of the excuse of being a new bloke in this place, even if he is still learning.

Mr Seselja: We are asking about public statements by your spokesperson.

MR HARGREAVES: He insists that the facts are X. As a person trained in these matters, he should know better.

Mr Seselja: I am going on your spokesperson’s statements.

MR SPEAKER: Order! Mr Seselja has asked a question. Mr Seselja, it might be best if you cease your interjections so that the minister can address the issues that you have raised.

MR HARGREAVES: Mr Seselja really should ascertain all the facts, not the selected ones that he brings out here. There is considerably more to this story than he is aware of.

Mr Stefaniak: It’s in the paper.

MR HARGREAVES: Of course, Mr Stefaniak—interjecting yet again—quotes the gospel according to the Canberra Times. That is very limited reading. I suggest that you stick to your Harry Potter books, Mr Stefaniak.

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