Page 3154 - Week 10 - Wednesday, 24 August 2005

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counter-terrorism committee, which I do not propose to name in this place. I am sure you will understand the reason for that.

There are two operational activities at the Curtin centre. One is about 12 months old and the other has been there for a while. As I have mentioned, one is the communications centre and the other is the emergency coordination centre. It is a very high-tech, highly sophisticated centre. When there is a significant terrorist threat it is required to operate with discreet security around it. On some occasions it is required to be locked down but, unfortunately, it is impossible to lock it down because of the collocation of the childcare centre in those premises. I do not think there is much more I can add to that.

MRS DUNNE: Mr Speaker, I have a supplementary question. Minister, you would be aware that when Sir Humphrey Appleby explained to his minister that invoking security was the ultimate tool of—

MR SPEAKER: Come to the question!

MRS DUNNE: He said that invoking security was the ultimate tool of—

MR SPEAKER: Order, Mrs Dunne! I will order you to resume your seat unless you come to the question.

MRS DUNNE: Minister, are you following the dictates of Sir Humphrey Appleby and invoking security as the ultimate tool of obfuscation, that is, invoking security as a reason for not telling the truth?

MR SPEAKER: You will have to withdraw that, Mrs Dunne.

MR HARGREAVES: I am happy to answer the question.

MR SPEAKER: I think the imputation was that you were not telling the truth. I think she should withdraw that.

MRS DUNNE: I withdraw it and substitute “not misleading the public”.

MR HARGREAVES: We are having trouble here, are not we?

MRS DUNNE: Yes, perhaps we are, but not as much as you are in!

MR HARGREAVES: Those opposite can accuse me of many things but certainly not of aping the Liberal Party’s method of communicating with the public.

Disaster planning

MRS BURKE: My question is to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Mr Hargreaves. Minister, in today’s Canberra Times the Chief Minister’s spokeswoman is quoted as saying:

On Monday, the ACT SES was tasked to take over responsibility for much of the day-to-day management and upkeep of the evacuation strategy.

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