Page 3002 - Week 09 - Thursday, 18 August 2005

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(54) Where are the authorities in the SBMP giving the ESA Commissioner, or the RFS Chief Officer, or their nominated delegate, or even the Minister, the unquestioning power to order a Land Manager (private and government lands to eradicate fuel hazard loads or pay the ESA for the essential hazard reduction operations that they should deem necessary to undertake;

(55) Where are the individual (action) operational plans for all vulnerable suburbs and other vulnerable localities that should be sub-sets of the SBMP;

(56) Did total costs increase from $11.759 million to $13.142 million (11.76%) due to “unforeseen expenses”, as outlined in Budget Paper 4, Appendix, page 89; if so, what are they;

(57) Did costs increase from $47.037 million to $52.569 million (11.76%) due to “unforeseen expenses”, as outlined in Budget Paper 4, Appendix, page 90; if so, what are these expenses;

(58) Is the estimated outcome for 2004-05 for fire alarm monitoring $617 000; if so, why is this fire alarm monitoring not carried out annually;

(59) Will this actually be recurrent revenue that has not been budgeted for;

(60) What other changes are represented in the figure, as stated in notes to the budget statements that the reason for the forecast reduction in employees expenses in Budget Paper 4, page 377 is “mainly due to reduced overtime expenses”;

(61) Did the Minister state in Budget Paper 4, page 381 that there was a $0.973 million increase in the 2005-06 Budget from the 2004-05 estimated outcome for recruiting additional fire fighters to reduce overtime and increase normal working hours; if so, and if the Government’s stance on police is serious, why does it have a “double standard” on reducing overtime compared to the ESA;

(62) Will the Government make an attempt to remedy the police overtime situation like it has for the emergency services; if not, why not;

(63) Did it state in Budget Paper 4, page 378, that under current assets the cash on hand is increasing at approx. $1 million per year and then approx. $2 million in 2008-09, and is budgeted to total $6 million in 2008-09; if so, why has there been no interest revenue accounted for in this budget year or any of the out-years;

(64) Where is the cash being kept and is it set aside for some emergency reserve use;

(65) Has the Minister, in Budget Paper 4, page 172 allocated over $3 million in funding in 2005-06 and the out years for communication and information management; if so, are any of these funds for broadband data links between Emergency Services, suburban and volunteer stations and what other capabilities are being introduced.

Mr Hargreaves: The answer to the member’s question is as follows:

The questions you have asked are a duplication, albeit in some cases slightly reworded but meaning the same, in questions that Mr Zed Seselja asked in Estimates Question on Notice Number 181.

I responded to Mr Seselja’s questions on 22 June 2005 and the answers to those questions have not changed.

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