Page 2960 - Week 09 - Thursday, 18 August 2005

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levels and time frames for Civic and other town centres are being considered in response to the Review’s proposals.

(h) if Environment ACT and ACT Planning and Land Authority will finalise the review of methods used to measure noise

As part of the Review of the Environment Protection Act 1997, Environment ACT will be undertaking a review of the noise measurement methods used in the ACT. The ACT Planning and Land Authority will be involved in this process. It is anticipated that the Review will be completed by 2007.

(i) if ACT Planning and Land Authority will develop an integrated approach to noise attenuation

The Authority is continually enhancing the way it assesses new development proposals for effective noise attenuation. Close liaison with Environment ACT to arrive at integrated solutions for each relevant development application is key to this process. This ensures that the built solution, which the Authority approves, allows the tenant to effectively manage noise issuing from their premises, which is monitored by Environment Protection.

DVP 256 Kingston is an important recent example of the Authority liaising with Environment ACT to achieve such an outcome. This new development will greatly foster the diversity and vibrancy of one of our most highly valued local shopping centres without compromising the comfort of nearby residents.

Majura Rise building waste
(Question No 413)

Mr Pratt asked the Minister for Urban Services, upon notice, on 23 June 2005:

(1) Further to a report in the City Chronicle on 10 May 2005 regarding rubbish scattered over 18 hectares from the Majura Rise building site in North Watson, was the developer and/or the builders, from whom this rubbish was clearly originating, contacted by the Government or subject to inspection as a result of this illegal rubbish dumping; if so, when; if not, why not;

(2) What fines were issued as a result of this problem;

(3) If no fines were issued, why not;

(4) Have the appropriate waste disposal containers now been installed at this development site; if not, why not;

(5) Will future regular inspections of Majura Rise be conducted to ensure that rubbish does not continue to litter the area; if not, why not;

(6) How many (a) residential and (b) commercial development sites in the ACT have been found to be in breach of the regulations in relation to waste disposal and management during (i) 2002-03, (ii) 2003-04 and (iii) 2004-05 to date;

(7) What penalties were issued in relation to part (6) above;

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