Page 2677 - Week 08 - Friday, 1 July 2005

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Roads—warning signs
(Question No 405)

Mr Pratt asked the Minister for Urban Services, upon notice, on 22 June 2005:

(1) Why were warning signs not erected to advise motorists travelling from Civic to Woden not to take the exit onto Lady Denman Drive due to its closure on 3 May 2005 for road works, forcing motorists to double back unnecessarily and leading to significant congestion;

(2) Will the contractors or departmental officers responsible for such signage be held accountable for this lack of notification;

(3) What is the current ACT Government policy in relation to the erection of warning signs for motorists in places where road works are taking or about to take place.

Mr Hargreaves: The answer to the member’s question is as follows:

(1) An approved Temporary Traffic Management plan was in place for the road closure along Lady Denman Drive on 3 May 2005. Advanced warning signs stating the closure, were erected prior to the off ramps leading to Lady Denman Drive. Unfortunately the size of the advanced warning signs, constructed by a contractor were not to Australian Standards. This could have contributed to motorists’ confusion.

(2) The contractor responsible for the construction of these warning signs has already been rebuked. He has been instructed to produce new signs as per the

Australian Standards before any future approval will be given to Temporary Traffic Management Plans for his work.

(3) The ACT Government requires that all contractors implementing temporary traffic arrangements (including warning signs) within the ACT conform to the appropriate Australian Standards. For any road works that include road closures, these plans are required to show warning and detour signs in advance of the closure. All road closures on gazetted roads are advertised in the local newspapers seven days prior to the closure date.

Roads—Canberra Avenue
(Question No 406)

Mr Pratt asked the Minister for Urban Services, upon notice, on 22 June 2005:

(1) In relation to Canberra Avenue and the build up of commuter traffic to and from Queanbeyan during peak hour periods, as reported in the Queanbeyan Age on 17 June 2005, page 1, why have the traffic lights recently installed at the intersection of Canberra Avenue and HMAS Harman been adjusted to give precedence to HMAS Harman traffic during peak hour periods, rather than the congested Queanbeyan-Canberra traffic;

(2) Why will the ACT Government not give consideration to changing the control of these traffic lights from the ACT’s signal system to the RTA SCATS system as suggested by the Queanbeyan City Council as a solution to alleviate this traffic congestion;

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