Page 2350 - Week 08 - Tuesday, 28 June 2005

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government commitment to research in these vital areas and, through that leveraging and through the linkage grant that the ARC has now agreed to provide, to have a wonderful, million dollar, five-year Australian first research project into the management of woodland species in Australia.

I think the point was made, and well made this morning, that this is an area that has not perhaps attracted the attention of scientists and researchers to the extent that other species or areas of Australia have in the past. I think it is to our credit that we have been able to achieve this particular funding for this quite iconic research into a threatened ecosystem within Australia. I am very pleased that we have achieved this. I am particularly proud of Environment ACT. I acknowledge the management team within Environment ACT, particularly Dr Maxine Cooper and Dr David Shorthouse, for achieving what I think is a wonderful result for the territory.


MR SESELJA: Mr Speaker, my question is to the planning minister. Minister, I refer to the A10 design guidelines which you announced in September 2004, but which you recently announced have not been prepared and will not be prepared until at least 2006-07, despite your assertion that they were a priority. In a letter sent to a constituent in October 2004 you stated:

I agreed to the Griffith Neighbourhood Plan, subject to a reduction in size of the Core Areas, and the development of guidelines to ensure any redevelopment is compatible with the existing neighbourhood.

If your agreement required both a reduction in size and the development of the guidelines, why are the guidelines not yet developed? How are you ensuring that redevelopment is compatible with the existing neighbourhood if the guidelines have not been developed?

MR CORBELL: I have already answered this question from Mr Seselja. The answer is the same as the answer I gave in the last sitting week: the guidelines will be developed during the term of the government and the government will make sure funding is made available for those to be produced. It is unfortunate that we are not in a position—

Mrs Dunne: Mr Speaker, I wish to raise a point of order. Mr Seselja’s question was about how he would ensure things would happen—not when the guidelines would be written or when the funding would happen but, in the interim, how would the guidelines be met.

MR CORBELL: As I have already indicated to Mr Seselja and to other members, the guidelines will be developed by the government and they will be developed during the term of the government. The status of the A10 area in that suburb and in all other suburbs remains unchanged. Indeed, the government will ensure that these guidelines are developed during this term. It is unfortunate that they have been unable to be developed at this time but they will be developed, as I have indicated to members and to the community.

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