Page 2077 - Week 07 - Tuesday, 21 June 2005

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Mr Smyth: Like economic—

MR QUINLAN: Well, like $344 million. That just is not true; I expected that from Mr Smyth, who has exhibited ignorance on a regular basis, but I didn’t think Mr Mulcahy was going to fall for the same line. In fact, to assist in this process, I tabled in the estimates hearing a schedule that showed what additional appropriation bills there would be, what additional expenditure the Assembly had approved while Labor was in government and then all the other changes to the—

Opposition members interjecting—

MR QUINLAN: You do not want to hear this do you? You do not what to hear this.

Mrs Dunne: I am all ears, Mr Quinlan.

MR SPEAKER: Order! I do: so please observe some order.

MR QUINLAN: I went to the extent of tabling in estimates a schedule that said, “Here are all of the items that result from accounting accruals and here are the actual expenditure items over and above budget that this government has incurred”, and still you continue. That means either you don’t understand or you don’t want to understand for convenience. But to go out and say that the government spent nearly $700 million more than was budgeted is nonsense. You have been provided with quarter by quarter reports explaining the changes to the bottom line. You have been involved in the debates on appropriation bills. There is only one element that I can remember you did not vote for and that was a small business commissioner, about $300,000. You have approved every dollar that this government has expended over four years and it is nothing like $700 million over the budget. You are simply entirely wrong.

Gungahlin child and family centre

MR GENTLEMAN: My question is directed to the Minister for Children, Youth and Family Support. I understand that some innovative consultation techniques were used in developing the new Gungahlin child and family centre. Could you provide information to the Assembly on these techniques?

MS GALLAGHER: The Stanhope Labor government is committed to engaging with all members of the community, including children. I launched the ACT children’s plan on 15 June 2004. That plan guides government in developing policies, programmes and services for children up to 12 years of age. Importantly, it acknowledges that children are more than just future adults; they are already active members of our local community. The plan challenges government to consult more fully with children to increase their participation in the Canberra community and to determine what services are important to them.

In light of this challenge, the Stanhope government undertook a unique approach to developing the new purpose-built child and family centre in Gungahlin. The Gungahlin child and family centre is, of course, the major initiative of the Canberra social plan. The centre provides a range of services, including child health and maternal clinics, general

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