Page 1970 - Week 06 - Friday, 6 May 2005

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There is a picture of Mr Stefaniak standing in front of the Kosciuszko Avenue sign out at Palmerston in his ongoing campaign to get “Kosciuszko” spelt correctly, which I think Mr Stefaniak was successful in doing. The article continues:

If you are completely insane (in addition to being a moral relativist) you might well equate a gesture like this, in daylight, for publication in a major daily newspaper, with repeated clandestine spray painting.

The gobsmacking text below again leaves half a doubt in my mind if the Chief Minister isn’t being very, very funny, or if he’s just stark raving bonkers.

MR SPEAKER: The imputation there remains an imputation, even if you are quoting from a document outside of this place, Mr Smyth. So I caution you about making personal imputations against members and using as an excuse that you are quoting from a document outside. I will not allow that.

MR SMYTH: I thank you for the caution, Mr Speaker. I will not read the press release because I do not think I will have time, but an interesting commentary followed. There are nine different people who have logged on and commented. Comment number one reads:

If I was the Chief Minister’s adviser, I would have strongly urged him not to go ahead with publishing the above article on “graffiti vandalism”, because it has the potential to do him more harm than good.

Comment number two says that, “I too had thought this was something we might all have wanted to put behind us.” Comment number three is, “If he wanted to make a statement he should have just said it.”

Comment number four says, “Wasn’t me”—and there is a bit of banter between a couple of people on the net. Comment number five reads:

Also, as the picture was in the paper and no-one minded at the time, I think we can safely conclude the public don’t view the two things as equal.

Furthermore Bill has been re-elected, despite the public being aware of his “actions”. So it is normal to consider such a member forgiven by the electorate.

Number six—a comment by “Thumper”—reads:

Has the Comrade completely lost it? Or is in dire need of some new advisers?

I know he regularly plumbs the depths of arrogance, rudeness, stupidity and pettiness, but this is the Marianna’s trench of pettiness.

What in the world could he be thinking? I heard him on the radio yesterday and he was seriously giving it both barrels as if Wild Bill had committed some henious crime.

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