Page 587 - Week 02 - Thursday, 17 February 2005

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Mrs Dunne: The people—

Mr Stefaniak: Watch this space.

MR SPEAKER: I warn you, Mrs Dunne and Mr Stefaniak. You both stand warned.

MR STANHOPE: I have noticed many of those stickers. I think we all know from our own experience how hard the blessed things are to get off once you have got them on, particularly if they have been out in the sun for a while. I have seen lots and lots of those “A vote for the Liberals is a vote for the dragway” stickers hurriedly trying to be ripped off, scraped off and scratched with chisels. But the mark is still there.

I do ponder the irony of this. I suppose it is a continuing issue for many supporters of the dragway and many motor sports fans within the ACT that they campaigned long and hard against this government; they campaigned actively for the Liberal Party on the motto “Vote Liberal and we’ll get a dragway”.

Of course it does beg the question—they didn’t vote Liberal; we all know that; we know they went to enormous lengths not to vote Liberal—and it did cross my mind, in the context of the responsibility of government and the extent to which one in government, having received a major endorsement, needs to have some regard to what the community is saying: if a party, the opposition, campaigns that if you vote for the Liberals you are voting for the dragway—

MR SPEAKER: Come to the point of the supplementary.

MR STANHOPE: And the people of Canberra go to enormous lengths not to vote for the Liberals; what does that mean?

MR SPEAKER: Chief Minister, come to the point of the supplementary question.

Mr Stefaniak: I raise a point of order under standing order 118.

MR SPEAKER: I will deal with this. Just come to the point of the supplementary question.

MR STANHOPE: I think I have made the point.

Canberra Hospital—staff

MR SESELJA: My question is to the Chief Minister. In response to a question from Mr Smyth today regarding the Canberra Hospital memorandum asking staff to work harder and through breaks, he stated that the deputy director general denied approval for ambulance bypass at Canberra Hospital, “because the deputy director general was not satisfied that other measures had been taken at that stage to redistribute workloads, to increase deployment of staff and to admit those patients waiting for admission.” Does the term “other measures” include directing staff to work harder and mobilising staff who are on breaks?

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