Page 537 - Week 02 - Wednesday, 16 February 2005

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there’d been a death there. Again, I cannot comment on that one. At any rate, there is certainly great concern in relation to people speeding. In recent weeks, the time has been narrowed down—Monday to Friday between about 3.30 and 5pm and, again, generally during the daytime on weekends; but specifically Monday to Friday. Some of the residents think it might even be someone out of school in motorcars hooning around or just generally people causing problems particularly for pedestrians at that time.

I raise that for the record and I would certainly appreciate it if your office could look into that, take the appropriate steps, perhaps have some police there. I do not know whether Hardwick Crescent actually comes under the speed-camera van regime.

Mr Hargreaves: No.

MR STEFANIAK: It is a pity in a way, because that often is very effective. Anyway, I raise that problem and I’d certainly be grateful for any action you and your relevant officers could take—especially perhaps a police blitz for a few weeks often has the desired effect, as used by various predecessors of yours quite significantly and with a lot of effect. I commend that to you. It certainly would allay some of the concerns my constituents have.

Youth centre grants

MS PORTER (Ginninderra) (6.14): I would like to draw the attention of the Assembly to the ACT Youth InterACT grants. The applications are being called for and are about to close on 25 February. This is the third round of this very successful grant program giving ACT young people the opportunity to apply for funds for events and programs that benefit young people themselves.

The grant applications are assessed by a group of young people. An important aspect of these grants is the way the young people are involved in the decision-making and in the implementation of these programs. I think that this is another example of people doing things for themselves and joining together. Particularly, I think it is very encouraging for young people to be able to do this thing because it builds leadership skills for the young people.

The closing date for applications, as I said, is 25 February, and successful applications will be announced during Youth Week, which is in April. So I think it is very important that we get the message out that these grants are available and that people put in applications before 25 February.

Chief Minister

MR SESELJA (Molonglo) (6.15): Yesterday, the Chief Minister tried to offer me a lesson in financial affairs. Mr Stanhope said something along the lines of “revenue comes in and expenditure goes out”. That’s about all I remember, but it was certainly very enlightening for me, and I am very grateful to the Chief Minister for the lesson because I would have always thought it was the other way around!

People commented to me that before yesterday they had no idea that the Chief Minister had such a strong grasp of matters financial. It is clear what the Chief Minister is trying

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