Page 215 - Week 01 - Thursday, 9 December 2004

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Thursday, 9 December 2004

MR SPEAKER (Mr Berry) took the chair at 10.30 am and asked members to stand in silence and pray or reflect on their responsibilities to the people of the Australian Capital Territory.


MR SPEAKER: Members, I take this opportunity to remind you, particularly new members, of the position adopted by the Assembly in relation to the incorporation of speeches and material in Hansard. As members will appreciate, incorporations raise important procedural and Hansard production issues. If leave is granted to incorporate material, it must be provided to Hansard as soon as possible in an electronic format suitable for publication. The incorporated material is not reproduced in the uncorrected proof transcript. It is, however, published at the end of the proof daily Hansard and the official weekly Hansard.

Unparliamentary language

MR SPEAKER: Yesterday, Mrs Dunne raised a point of order in which she said that Mr Hargreaves had likened Mrs Burke to a banshee. I have reviewed the Hansard and ascertained that the words Mr Hargreaves used were, “It is a refreshing change to listening to Mrs Burke’s scaremongering, banshee wailing issues.” That is a little obscure, I have to say, but your closing remarks clinched it, Mr Hargreaves. I said that they would not help me in my deliberations, but I think they did in the end. You said, “I offer an apology to the banshees.” I ask you to withdraw that.

Mr Hargreaves: Mr Speaker, I withdraw that comment. I note from the uncorrected proof Hansard that the comment to which you just referred has not been recorded.

MR SPEAKER: Also, I said that I would respond to a point of order that Mr Corbell raised in relation to some comments that Mrs Dunne had made in debate yesterday. Mrs Dunne preceded her comments by saying, “And it brings to the mind of the people of the ACT,” and went on to describe her interpretation of what the Chief Minister may or may not have been doing. Mr Corbell raised the point of order on the question of an imputation that the Attorney-General was seeking to impugn the reputation of the coroner.

I have looked at this matter very closely, which is a very serious issue, especially when it comes to members of the judiciary, and I have taken the view that it is a rebuttable debating point and that it was open in the course of the debate to deal with the issue; so I find that there is no substance to the point of order there.

Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (Enforcement) Amendment Bill 2004

Mr Stanhope, pursuant to notice, presented the bill, its explanatory statement and a Human Rights Act compatibility statement.

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