Page 12 - Week 01 - Thursday, 4 November 2004

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Community groups and marginalised people want their concerns heard and acted upon. Then there is our own green action plan to pursue. Here are just a few points from that. Health has been a big issue at this election. While we wholeheartedly support improvements in hospitals we will also be advocating for community health centres with bulk-billing, salaried doctors in suburbs that lack adequate medical services. Services for people with a mental illness are lacking in this town: we will work for dedicated mental health services, particularly for young people.

We think that there is huge scope for developing industries based on renewable energy sources, and energy and water efficiency. To ensure a market for these, and to make sure that we reach our greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 1990 levels by 2008, we will be working to have our benchmarks and targets for high quality, sustainable design made mandatory in the planning of new office buildings and residential development.

These are just some of our plans for the next Assembly. I will be playing an active part in Assembly debates and in the committee system, as a Greens representative and as the eyes, ears and voice of those who care about the environment and social justice. Majority government is a new situation for this territory. To work for the people of Canberra, the government must allow other voices to be heard; and I am proud to be one of those voices in this Assembly.

Election of Deputy Speaker

MR SPEAKER: Members, standing order 4 requires that the Assembly proceed, at its first sitting after an election, to elect a Deputy Speaker.

MR STEFANIAK (Ginninderra) (2.54): I propose Mr Pratt and I move:

That Mr Pratt be elected Deputy Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: Does the member accept the nomination?

MR PRATT (Brindabella) (2.54): Mr Speaker, I do accept that nomination.

MR SPEAKER: Are there any other proposals?

There being no further proposals, the time for nominations has expired and I declare Mr Pratt elected to the position of Deputy Speaker. Congratulations, Mr Pratt.

Members: Hear, hear!

Auditor-General’s Report No 6 of 2004

Mr Speaker presented the following paper, which was circulated to members when the Assembly was not sitting:

Auditor-General Act—Auditor General’s Report—No 6 of 2004—Workers Compensation Supplementation Fund, dated 14 September 2004.

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