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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2003 Week 9 Hansard (27 August) . . Page.. 3296 ..

MRS DUNNE (continuing):

Certainly, in some ways, motor sport is not the most environmentally friendly activity. Balanced against that is the economic impact it could have on the community, by its being a tourist attraction-and the whole bringing together of the social fabric of the ACT community. Many people benefit from and enjoy motor sport, but, at the moment, they have to travel interstate to find an outlet for that enjoyment.

Look at what Summernats does in the ACT. There are many people who do not like Summernats but, for the purpose of providing an enjoyable outlet which is an economic boon for this territory, it is a great venture. It might be that, if we had a super motor sport facility, a place like Summernats could find a more appropriate home. Their franchisee, the Dickson McDonalds, may not be happy about that, because Summernats is good-and a number of people at the Dickson shops may not be happy. Nevertheless, it might, in the long run, be a better place for Summernats.

What we have in this debate today is some not-quite-together thinking. I commend Ms Dundas for her considered views but, like Mr Cornwell, I find it unfortunate that she has come to the conclusion she has. I think that, if you go through the motions of looking at what Ms Dundas said, the logical conclusion is that she should support this motion.

To support the amendment really guts the motion. It takes away most of the import of the motion and does not commit this Assembly to doing anything in favour of motor sport.

We have had Mr Corbell, in his usual way, coming in here for the second or third time today, calling this opposition a pack of hypocrites because we-in the words of Mr Pratt-have adopted our policy position in the light of information received. It seems that we have one of those regular verbs you find in politics which is: "I adapt my policy position-you are a hypocrite."It depends on what side of the fence you are sitting on.

I am proud that the Liberal Party is able to be flexible-that it is able to adapt, and is able to listen-unlike this government over here, which spends its time opposing, or saying, "We can't support that because you're the opposition, and you're not allowed to have any ideas. You're not allowed to question, and you're not allowed to scrutinise. You're supposed to sit back and say that it is all wonderful-because we're the government and we're here to look after you."

It is not like that, Mr Speaker. We are here to represent, and we are here to scrutinise. I believe that, in putting forward this motion and voting in support of it, we are representing a large number of the people of the ACT who want this facility.

MR STEFANIAK (5.10): I believe I am speaking to the amendment and also closing the debate. Unless I hear otherwise, I will do that. Regarding the amendment, I believe that several speakers on my side of the house are quite right. It effectively totally guts the motion. If it were added after my motion, it would be informing us what is occurring, and that would not be too bad. As it is, it totally guts the motion. It just asks the Assembly to note that the ACT government is negotiating with the Commonwealth for the purchase of land in the Majura Valley which, if successful, will allow for the development of a motor sport facility and an ACT correctional facility. Thank you for that information. I am sure the Assembly has noted that-and that, I think, is all we need do.

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