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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2003 Week 5 Hansard (8 May) . . Page.. 1749 ..

MR PRATT (continuing):

emergency cover because of your mismanagement-your mismanagement and yours alone. This is not something you can foist upon the previous government. It is your own debacle.

Similarly, I turn now to what is another government debacle of complacency and mismanagement-this government's response to the acts of terrorism we have witnessed throughout the world. I, like all Australians, fervently hope that we will never have to cope with an act of terrorism inside our borders. Bali, September 11, the threat of sleeper cells and ill-conceived and misguided religious fervour are all things that every government in Australia must consider and protect its population against.

I am afraid that Canberra, as the beautiful capital of this nation, could, of course, be a primary target for any terrorist group hell-bent on an attack against Australia and its governing centre. Complacency could spell disaster. Mr Speaker, I was interested to see what the Stanhope government proposed to do about protecting Canberra citizens. Just like all other aspects of this budget, we on this side of the chamber discover the answer to be nothing-nothing, Mr Speaker.

This government is so content with supporting the status quo that they are incapable of determining any counter-terrorism measures and safety procedures. The one and only thing the government is able to do is to hire a consultant. Again, like every other aspect of their governance, the Chief Minister is unable to make a decision to start an initiative or take action without hiring somebody to tell him how. I do not dispute that specialist knowledge is necessary, but isn't it a bit late to be asking for it? September 11 happened in 2001, 18 months ago, and still nothing has been done by Labor, who should have acted 12 months ago. The terrible fact is that the ACT is exposed to terrorism. People must be secure now. And what does this government do? It takes the bureaucratic approach and hires a damned consultant, who will report in 12 months at a cost of $195,000.

Mr Speaker, on a brighter note: thank God our excellent police and emergency services people do see the risks and have re-organised and re-trained as far as they possibly can within budget limitations. Come on, support them government. I and the rest of the people of Canberra can only hope the federal government will show more foresight in their federal budget next week and ensure the safety of Australia and the nation's capital from the threat of terrorism. Clearly, this government has no idea about where to even begin. (Extension of time granted).

In conclusion, Mr Speaker, I can only say that the Stanhope government's 2003-04 budget is a directionless document that merely supports the status quo. It is a lost opportunity and a poor reflection on the ability of the government members. No imagination, no vision, no foresight, and an utterly complacent attitude.

MR CORNWELL (4.46): I would like to begin my comments on this wretched budget by referring to urban services. My colleague and leader, Mr Smyth, has already mentioned the apparent problem of delays in the completion of various important roads in the ACT. There have been delays in the past. Considering that the completion date for Horse Park Drive has been moved from November 2003 to June 2004, I am wondering whether we should not rename it perhaps Tortoise Drive or something of that nature. Of

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