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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2003 Week 3 Hansard (12 March) . . Page.. 932 ..

Mrs Dunne: To the zoo, for instance.

MR CORBELL: To what pine forest land in particular is she referring, Mr Speaker? Quite a bit of pine forest land was burnt in the fires before last. If Mrs Dunne wants to be a bit more specific, I will try to help her with an answer.

Mrs Dunne: Do you wish me to help the minister out, Mr Speaker?

MR SPEAKER: It will be a supplementary question now.

MRS DUNNE: Okay. I am quite happy. There have been a number of requests to government for land allocations. I am helping the minister out here. He claims not to know what is going on.

MR SPEAKER: You might have helped him out with your question in chief.

MRS DUNNE: The National Zoo and Aquarium, for instance, has asked to be allocated land behind its current premises. What progress has been made with that, or with any other request for a land allocation?

MR CORBELL: I think this is actually covered by a question on notice from Mrs Burke in relation to the National Zoo and Aquarium, so perhaps Mrs Dunne and Mrs Burke should better coordinate their activities.

Nevertheless, yes, the National Zoo and Aquarium has approached the ACT government in relation to potential expansion onto land owned by the ACT government adjacent to the existing lease. That proposal has involved a range of planning issues, and it comes under the direct control of the National Capital Authority, as this is designated land on the Territory and National Capital plans. I understand that those issues are now largely resolved, and the government is now considering the direct grant of land to the National Zoo and Aquarium.

Land rates-new system

MR PRATT: Treasurer, since your announcement of changes being proposed to the rates system in the ACT, property owners have been claiming that, while rates are estimated to increase by CPI, as has been the case, revenue generated from rates will increase more quickly and, in real terms, the government will be receiving perhaps as much as double its current revenue within around 10 years. Treasurer, is that claim accurate? Will your scheme double the revenue from rates?

MR QUINLAN: The only answer I can give to this question, which has been asked before, is that under the previous system used by the Liberal government you could double rates in 10 years because-dare I say it one more time?-the formula was a formula that was redetermined each year. That is what it was. Therefore, if it is redetermined, it can be redetermined to anything. Yes, it could.

Mr Smyth: Let's talk about your system.

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