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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2003 Week 1 Hansard (19 February) . . Page.. 262 ..

MR SMYTH (continuing):

Iraq can pass on those benefits to its people. Why don't they have access to medicines, decent food, proper transportation and appropriate education systems? It is because their leadership denies that to them. It would be terrible for us to acquiesce in this way and have allegations of warmongering on this side of the chamber and something else on that side of the chamber, when what we should attempt to do is talk about this reasonably and try to work out what we, as an assembly, can do.

Ms Tucker has put up a motion. That is how she is reacting to it-and I think it is well done, except that it is the wrong motion. I will reserve the right, Mr Acting Deputy Speaker, to put forward a different motion, depending on the outcomes of some of these other amendments.

Tell me how to make it better. Do not talk at me; do not yell at me; do not accuse me of being what I am not. Do not call me a warmonger when I am against war. Everyone is against war, but what do you do when there is nothing left?

The world has tried long, hard and even-handedly to obtain a peaceful resolution to this, after Iraq was defeated in one war. The question I ask is, what do you do with someone who has nothing but contempt for us-for the rule of law, and peace on earth?

Unfortunately, I say that you must remove him. If it comes to the point that it might be a war that does that, then so be it. I see no other solution to this problem. The problem with more talk is that it sends the wrong message. That is unfortunate, because, as you would all know, I am happy to talk about most things, on any occasion, for any length of time, but there does come a time when the time to talk is over.

As Burke said more than 200 years ago, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

MR WOOD (Minister for Disability, Housing and Community Services, Minister for Urban Services, Minister for the Arts and Heritage and Minister for Police and Emergency Services) (10.58): Mr Acting Deputy Speaker, I want to indicate, simply and quickly, that the government will not be supporting Mr Stefaniak's amendment.

Question put:

That Mr Stefaniak's amendment to Mr Wood's amendment be agreed to.

The Assembly voted-

	Ayes 6  				Noes 9

 Mrs Burke  Mr Stefaniak  	Mr Berry  	Ms MacDonald
 Mr Cornwell     		Mr Corbell  	Mr Quinlan
 Mrs Cross     			Ms Dundas  	Ms Tucker
 Mrs Dunne       		Ms Gallagher  	Mr Wood
 Mr Pratt      			Mr Hargreaves  

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