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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2002 Week 13 Hansard (21 November) . . Page.. 3946 ..

The Assembly voted-

 	Ayes, 16  			Noes, 1

 Mr Berry  	Ms MacDonald            Mrs Cross   
 Mr Corbell  	Mr Pratt      
 Mr Cornwell  	Mr Quinlan   
 Ms Dundas  	Mr Smyth      
 Mrs Dunne  	Mr Stanhope
 Ms Gallagher  	Mr Stefaniak
 Mr Hargreaves	Ms Tucker
 Mr Humphries	Mr Wood    

Question so resolved in the affirmative.

MS TUCKER (4.44): I table this document. I present the following paper:

Member's e-mail messages-Statutory declaration by Paul Anthony Osborne, dated 20 November 2002.

I want to put on the record that, as the former chair of the privileges committee, I was asked by Mr Osborne to table this document. I feel that, in the interests of fairness, this document could be tabled, considering that Mr Osborne was accused again today, by Mrs Cross under privilege, of lying. I heard her say this was a false statement, so I believe it is only fair that this person can put what he says occurred.

I am also concerned that Mrs Cross accused me of offering special favours to former MLAs. I ask you to request her to withdraw that.

MR SPEAKER: Ms Tucker, I could ask her to withdraw it, yes.

MS TUCKER: Well, I could ask her to withdraw it. I consider it was highly disorderly under standing order 55, because it was a serious imputation.

MR SPEAKER: To say of somebody in this place that they-

Mrs Dunne:-do favours.

Mr Humphries:-are corrupt. That is what it amounts to.

MR SPEAKER: No. Mr Humphries, do not try to put words into my mouth. You might try that in another place, but it does not work with me.

To suggest that somebody has an improper motive as a consequence of their tabling of a document, as you put it-I do not think it is the case. I do not think it offends the standing orders for somebody to say that you have helped out a former MLA.

Mr Humphries: It is suggested that she is corrupt. That is what the comment was-special favours.

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