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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2002 Week 12 Hansard (13 November) . . Page.. 3531 ..

Mr Humphries: But this is your document.

MR STANHOPE: But we didn't know that, Mr Humphries, because we don't trust you. But, having said that, we are happy, Mr Speaker, for the document to be tabled-it now having been shown to us.

MR SPEAKER: On that basis, Mr Stefaniak, there is a question before the house. Do you want to speak to the question?

Mr Stefaniak: No. I thought the Chief Minister was technically agreeing that this be tabled.

MR SPEAKER: Mr Stefaniak, there is a question before the house and we have to deal with it. Ms Tucker, do you wish to speak to this matter?

MS TUCKER (3.22): Yes. I think Mr Stanhope has basically said what needed to be said. I thought it would have been communicated to the Liberal Party-because we certainly had that discussion in the Administration and Procedure Committee-that we do need to be aware of what is being tabled. In fact, I have been circulating something this morning that I will seek to table later, and it just requires the courtesy of showing people and letting them know, because people do feel burnt in this place after the document that you tabled and we gave leave for. So it is about understanding that people do want to actually see what it is that you are seeking leave to table. It is unfortunate that we have lost some of that trust in this place, but that is actually the result of your own activities.

MR CORNWELL (3.23): Mr Speaker, we have had a tradition here for quite some time-since 1992, as far as I recall-where items were tabled and trust was observed. I think it is very important that we realise, however, that if this new regime is going to run, then we on this side of the house have as much right to refuse leave for any tabling of documents that others may wish to. If you want to waste the Assembly's time by going through this suspension of standing orders when you people are trying to table documents, or the crossbenchers, then by all means do so. I suppose it is entirely up to the Assembly.

Mr Stanhope: Well, we'll look after you when you're about to be expelled, too, Greg. We'll be even-handed about it, when you get expelled from the party too, and we'll look after you-

MR CORNWELL: Actually, Chief Minister, you will end up being expelled before I do if you keep interjecting. Mr Speaker, won't like that at all. However, if we wish to waste the Assembly's time on each of these occasions when people wish to table documents, then let us go right ahead. But it does seem to me that we should have enough faith in individuals' honesty and integrity. Certainly, in this particular case, it is an advertisement that you people placed.

MRS CROSS (3.25): Mr Speaker, I do not want that document tabled, simply because I echo the sentiments of Ms Tucker and the Chief Minister that the Leader of the Opposition has brought this place into disrepute by tabling something defamatory against a member. Therefore, the trust of the members with other members in this place has been

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