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Tuesday, 27 August 2002

Offensive or disorderly words

Petition: Abortion legislation

Legal Affairs—standing committee

Planning and Environment—standing committee

Estimates 2002-2003—standing committee

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2002

Ministerial arrangements

Questions without notice:

Remand facility

Sustainable transport plan

Calvary Hospital—pathology services

Remand facility

Floriade fence

Bus services

Aboriginal tent embassy

Remand facility


Insurance legislation

Remand facility


Executive contracts


Leave of absence

Questions without notice: Employment

Appropriation Bill 2002-2003:

Legislative Assembly Secretariat

ACT Executive


Chief Minister’s

ACT WorkCover


Central Financing Unit

Home Loan Portfolio


Superannuation Unit

Health and Community Care

Offensive and disorderly words

Appropriation Bill 2002-2003: Urban Services


West Belconnen Warriors

Schedule of amendments:

Appropriation Bill 2002-2003

Wednesday, 28 August 2002

Petition: Land auction—East O’Malley

Community Referendum Bill 2002

Adventure Activities (Liability) Bill 2002

Committees—deliberative meetings

Territory Plan—draft variation 200

Questions without notice:

Hospital waiting lists

Health action plan

Land development

Land development

Harcourt Hill—remnant woodland

Business support and economic development

Education funding

Land sales

Fire safety upgrades

Canberra spatial plan

Bus services

Land use


Self-determination—right of ACT community (Matter of public importance)

Territory Plan—draft variation 200

Gungahlin—telecommunication services

Legislation discriminatory references

Community Referendum Bill 2002

Order of the day—withdrawal

Leave of absence


Community bank

Dance extravaganza

Thursday, 29 August 2002

Electoral Amendment Bill 2002 (No 2)

Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Amendment Bill 2002

Prostitution Amendment Bill 2002

Workers Compensation Supplementation Fund Amendment Bill 2002

Executive business—precedence

Orders of the day—postponement

Appropriation Bill 2002-2003:

Urban Services


ACT Forests

Disability, Housing and Community Services

Questions without notice:

Prison and remand centre

Answer on land sales

Regional commercial television news services


Expenditure Review Committee

Remand centre


Canberra Technology Park

Disability agreement

Auditor-General’s Report No 6

Questions without notice:

Land development

Harcourt Hill remnant woodland

Land development


Indigenous education

Land acquisition

Capital works program

Leave of absence


Heritage legislation—exposure draft


Absence of Speaker

Aboriginal tent embassy (Matter of public importance)

Appropriation Bill 2002-2003:

ACT Housing

Justice and Community Safety

Education and Community Services

Total appropriated to departments

Treasurer’s Advance

Total appropriations

Statute Law Amendment Bill 2002

Private members business

Fair Trading Amendment Bill 2002


RSPCA : Make-a-Wish Foundation

Question Time

Snowy River

ACT Pathology : Mr Ross Maxwell

Schedule of amendments:

Appropriation Bill 2002-2003

Statute Law Amendment Bill 2002

Fair Trading Amendment Bill 2002

Answers to questions:

Public land (Question No 238)

Proceeds of Crime Act (Question No 240)

Speed cameras (Question No 242)

Public housing (Question No 243)

Refugee display (Question No 245)

Registered charities (Question No 252)

Supplementary appropriation (Question No 253)

Supplementary appropriation (Question No 254)

Supplementary appropriation (Question No 255)

Supplementary appropriation (Question No 256)

Supplementary appropriation (Question No 257)

Supplementary appropriation (Question No 258)

Supplementary appropriation (Question No 259)

Supplementary appropriation (Question No 260)

Supplementary appropriation (Question No 261)

Supplementary appropriation (Question No 262)

Supplementary appropriation (Question No 263)

Supplementary appropriation (Question No 264)

Supplementary appropriation (Question No 265)

Supplementary appropriation (Question No 266)

Supplementary appropriation (Question No 267)

Supplementary appropriation (Question No 268)

Supplementary appropriation (Question No 269)