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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2002 Week 5 Hansard (9 May) . . Page.. 1427 ..

MR STEFANIAK (continuing):

Minister, was Mr Hargreaves' press release also "a half-baked announcement"? If 70 per cent support for a proposal is not sufficient support for implementation of a proposal, what level of support do you consider to be adequate?

MR WOOD: I have spoken with Mr Hargreaves on this and on many other issues. I have had many people approach me on this issue. Pedal Power ran a campaign on this, letterboxing certain streets in the ACT. I have read every email and letter that have come in-I have not counted them. There have been perhaps 200 to 300 approaches with perhaps 90 per cent of them in support of a 50-kilometre an hour speed limit. I am attending to them all. I told Mr Hargreaves that I am giving strong consideration-I think that was the term-to the issue. In our discussions, Mr Hargreaves and I have had a sensible debate about the various issues, about the specific planning circumstances in Canberra and his approach is a very measured and sensible one.

MR STEFANIAK: Mr Speaker, I have a supplementary question. Do you consider that you are applying a different standard for Mr Hargreaves than you did for Mrs Cross, given that they both said the same thing?

MR WOOD: The standard I apply to Mr Hargreaves is a very high one. He stands high in my esteem.

Post-hospital convalescent facility

MR CORNWELL: My question is to the Minister for Health. It coincides with a letter I think we all received from the Older Women's Network concerning the establishment of a convalescent facility for patients following discharge from hospital. The Older Women's Network is a group represented in the transitional care reference group established within HACC, but meetings of that group have ceased as no progress was being made, due apparently to lack of a ministerial decision.

Minister, concerning Labor's pre-election commitment to "develop a step-down facility to assist the return home of patients with special convalescent needs", can you advise the current status of Mapleston House in Chapman, which is under consideration for such a role?

MR STANHOPE: I thank you, Mr Cornwell, for restoring a little bit of faith. With only one question out of seven focused on an issue of concern to the people of Canberra, we can only hope things will improve.

Mr Smyth: Is it the only one you have an answer for?

MR STANHOPE: Not at all. Think about it objectively after question time. Of the seven questions you have asked, six were truly derisory. They were puerile. You should go away and have a think about your performance today. It has truly been appalling. No wonder you were rejected with the alacrity you were, with a 16 per cent swing. We will double it next time.

Thank you, Mr Cornwell, for keeping your eye on the ball and doing the right thing. It is a serious question, and I am sorry that it is being greeted with such mirth by your colleagues.

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